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Producer Guidelines

Our Goal is to commission programming that at its core delivers:
  1. Renewable character-driven series where the characters are authentic and the stakes are high and very real.  Our characters are self-made with a passion for their work and the guts to live life on their own terms.  IE: Highway Thru Hell, Jade Fever, Cold Water Cowboys, Heavy Rescue 401.
  2. Big, Event Specials where the audience has to tune in:  Death on A Comet, Pluto First Encounter, the CSA Award winning Definitive Guide to Aliens and Frontier.
  3. Entertaining approaches to science, technology, and adventure, IE: Canada’s Worst Driver, Made By Destruction, Drain the Titanic, and Tougher Than it Looks?
We are accomplished at working with international formats and adapting them for the Discovery Audience.  We also take an active role in creating original formats.
Our typical viewer is male between 18 and 49 years old.  Our viewer comes to Discovery Canada seeking knowledge and insight, living vicariously through our programming participating in extraordinary experiences they wouldn’t have otherwise.
Series like Highway Thru Hell, Alaskan Bush People, Gold Rush, Deadliest Catch, Coldwater Cowboys, Fast N’ Loud, Mayday, How It’s Made, Alaska: The Last Frontier, Canada’s Worst Driver and Frontier.  As well as big international special event programming like Mankind From Space, JFK: The Smoking Gun and Titanic: New Evidence.

The key element in all our commissioned programming is great take-away, where the more you know the more surprising it is.
For any commissioned Series or Special, producers should think of their project as not simply a TV show but as a full, four screen, socially engaging experience.

All submissions MUST be accompanied by a Bell Media SUBMISSION FORM (PDF).

We require proposals (3-5 pages) that clearly outline how you plan to tell a Discovery story. If you're pitching a show about building the biggest bridge in the world, please do not submit pages of research data or a list of 'talking head' experts you plan to interview. Instead, tell us a great story.

We need to know: 
•    What's the hook/premise?
•    Who will be in it?
•    What will be the unfolding action and what's at stake?
•    How is the science extraordinary or unique?
•    What's the setting and location?
•    In what style will it be shot, written and edited?
•    Who will be your creative team?
•    The proposal also needs to include basic information such as: a series or one-off, number and length of episodes, what is your production timeframe and a financing plan top-sheet.

All submissions will be acknowledged. The proposals will be reviewed by our programming team. Then the project could be declined with our regrets. Or the project will be placed into development where we will require you to further to flesh out the idea. The initial review process takes between four to six weeks from receipt of your proposal.

We can only accept proposals for Discovery Channel Canada, to pitch to Discovery Channel US please go to

Please send written submissions to Heather Williamson (contact information below).

Manager, Program Development, Discovery Networks:
Heather Williamson