Rogue Earth



Since 1999, Mark Sudduth has driven his trusty Chevy Tahoe, loaded with meteorological equipment, right into the eye of nearly every major hurricane to strike North America.  The data Sudduth gathers during storms like Matthew, Irma and Harvey, is shared with agencies like the National Hurricane Center, and contributes to the understanding of how major storms develop, grow and impact communities.


Since 2015, Summer Dashe, a reporter and anchor for WPDE-TV in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has been a reliable source of news on all matters impacting her community.  So when forecasters projected Hurricane Matthew to make landfall in the Carolinas in October, 2016, Dashe didn’t think twice about braving hurricane-force winds and storm surge to keep the city’s concerned citizens informed, many of whom were under mandatory evacuation. 


Before Quavas Hart became a filmmaker and drone operator, he was a soldier.  For 10 years, Hart served with the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, including two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.  On his return, Hart traded in his rifle for a camera, and found solace in storytelling.


When Officer Asian Cannon, of the Fayetteville, North Carolina police department, woke up on the morning of October 8th, 2016, she had no idea what the day had in store for her.  From dawn till dusk, Officer Cannon and her crew patrolled the streets of Fayetteville in a rescue vehicle, saving several stranded motorists, including a mother and child who were moments from being washed away by the floodwaters. 


Bryan Norcross is one of the most trusted authorities on hurricanes in North America.  Norcross rose to prominence in 1992, when he guided Florida through Hurricane Andrew, the worst storm to make landfall in the state in decades.  He went on to cover storms for networks like NBC and CBS, and in 2010, he joined the Weather Channel as their Senior Hurricane Specialist.


Since 2011, marketing director and blogger Wanda Tima-Gilles has been a leading promoter of Haitian-American culture.  Her website, L’union Suite, is a popular lifestyle, tourism and entertainment blog, attracting over 10 million visitors a week, and reaching millions more through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


A third-generation resident of Daytona Beach, Jimmy Anthony’s roots in Florida’s Atlantic coast run deep.  When news came in October 2016 that Hurricane Matthew was headed straight for his family home, Anthony made the difficult decision to resist an evacuation order and stay behind.  By doing so, he saved his family’s property for future generations to enjoy.