Mud Mountain Haulers

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The son of a log hauler and grandson of a logger, Craig Lebeau was only ever going to do one thing in life – cut trees. For three decades, Craig has led his crew of 30 to some of the toughest and most-challenging logging jobs in the world. From steep snowy terrain to truck-swallowing mud, Craig and his team take on the jobs that other loggers turn down. Lebeau Bros. Logging has been known to pull off the impossible and Craig makes sure to do it in style - his chromed out Black Army logging truck fleet is as recognizable as the loud and gruff boss who commands them. But under Craig’s rough and tough exterior is a logger who just wants to provide for the family and friends that put their lives on the line for their boss every minute of every day.


Craig and Brent Lebeau have both carved out careers in logging but that’s where the branches on the family tree split. For decades, the brothers were more industry peers than siblings – with Craig’s massive operation chasing dangerous and lucrative contracts, while Brent’s picked up the scraps with smaller jobs and smaller payouts. But that suited the little brother just fine. If Brent could spend a day in the bush with a power saw in his hands, then it would be a good day. Recently, those good days have been tougher to find. Old injuries have flared up and hampered Brent’s ability to pitch in for his habitually under-manned crew. Now, with a diminishing industry and fewer job prospects, Brent has been forced to mend fences with his big brother just to make sure his business, and livelihood, can survive.


Taylor is the Swiss Army knife of Craig’s crew and ready to answer the Boss’ call at any time of the day or night. Taylor can operate any piece of iron, haul logs, and pull off all-nighter lowbed jobs through steep and winding terrain all by himself - though it’s not always ‘service with a smile’. The guy everyone on the crew calls a “mini-Craig”, Taylor has a reputation for losing his temper when the operation doesn’t run as smoothly as he wants. Craig will take the fits of anger as long as his most useful guy can get the job done and keep a lid on the outbursts. But with an unpredictable schedule, long workdays and a newborn at home, Taylor will be tested to keep cool when things go sideways.


As a driver for one of Craig’s competitors for the last decade, Theron Groff has always wanted to see if he could ride with Craig’s infamous Black Truck Army. Now, he’s getting his shot. After being recommended by Craig’s lead driver, Mike Kadar, Theron has joined the fleet and he brings his own reputation to the team. “Danger”, as his trucker peers call him, is known for pushing the pedal to the floor, no matter the snow or mud, to make sure he gets his loads to the mill. It’s an attitude his new boss hopes can spark the other truckers into staying on schedule. For Theron, his biggest test will be finding his place on a trucking team that is a bit leery of the new guy.


The veteran of the trucking fleet, Dan Millar has been hauling fully loaded logging trucks down steep mountain back roads for over thirty years. As a kid, Dan spent weekends learning the trade from his father and uncle. Now, as an adult, Dan employs “old-man thinking” and is happy to sit in the last spot of the pecking order. Sure, the road is a bit more chewed up when it’s time for him to get his loads in, but he can rely on the other drivers to let him know what the road conditions dictate. Plus, being at the back means the vet can go at his own pace and really enjoy the stunning mountain roads his truck takes him on.


Craig’s eldest daughter, Kaitlyn, sees a much different version of Craig Lebeau than most in the industry. While Craig has a reputation for being gruff and intimidating, Kaitlyn knows that a lot of it is just for show - deep down he cares a lot about his people and making sure the family business keeps the lights on. But the last few years have had more downs than ups - placing some strain on the family relationships. As well as her parents, uncle, and aunt, Kaitlyn works alongside her husband, Bradley - one of Craig’s mechanics. She loves that she gets to see her husband during the long workdays, and that she can bring her 1-year-old daughter Easton into the office, not least because the baby brings out Craig’s soft side. There are times Kaitlyn’s wanted to escape the family business but, for all the stress it brings, there’s comfort and security too - so long as they make it through the next year because, if the company goes down, her entire family sinks with the ship.


Few people get to work with their fathers. Even fewer get to work with their fathers-in-law. Probably for good reason. Bradley, Kaitlyn’s husband, is Craig’s red-seal mechanic who, along with mechanic Brad Holms, keeps the operation running. It’s a 24/7 job taking care of the massive inventory of bunchers, limbers, processors, logging trucks, and his father-in-law’s demands. But Bradley’s get-er-done attitude and willingness to put feelings aside while on the clock, has served him well. When things get a little heated with “Dad” in the shop or during an emergency outcall to the mountain, a quick visit from his daughter, Easton, and his wife, Kaitlyn, and Bradley is good to go and ready for another wild day with his in-laws.


Sandy is Craig’s second-in-command on site and, off site, he couldn’t get away from his boss even if he wanted to – his sister is Craig’s wife, Tracy. Sandy’s been working with Craig for over a decade and can hop into any piece of equipment on site to make sure his brother-in-law is getting full loads every day. While Craig rules with an iron fist, Sandy is a touch more lenient on the crew when the boss is away. Craig would love Sandy to have the bigger bark than he does, but it’s Sandy’s dependability and loyalty that make his irreplaceable.


Tristan started working in the bush with “Uncle Craig” when he was 12. Now 20, the kid they call “Tugger” is in his zone pushing the boundaries of his skidder while dragging freshly cut timber up and down steep logging blocks in his skidder. Tristan is ambitious and wants to start working his way up the ladder and into bigger machines as soon as Craig gives him a shot.