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Mighty Planes

Mighty Planes gives viewers a front row seat as we discover the world of aviation, witnessing firsthand the inner workings of a mission onboard the world’s most unique aircraft. In Season IV of Mighty Planes, we are exploring more incredible planes, amazing cargo, and the fascinating people who make each mission happen.  From Orbital ATK’s L-1011 Stargazer that launches rockets into space, and Russia’s Ilyushin-76 carrying massive machines to mines in the Canadian North, to a Boeing 747 that hauls race cars across continents, the Arctic favourite Twin Otter, and a group of young pilots learning to land the C-2 Greyhound on an aircraft carrier for the first time, there is no shortage of excitement in this season of Mighty Planes!

The success and popularity of each Mighty Planes story depends entirely on the aircraft being showcased and on the scope of its mission. Each episode revolves around a Mighty Plane carrying out a Mighty Mission – engrossing dramas about great machines and specially trained people doing the incredible all in a day’s work. Missions like NOAA’s WP-3D Orion, flying directly into the worst storms on Earth to study their strength and intensity, or the amazing aerobatic feats performed by the US Navy’s Blue Angels, arguably the best military display team in the sky.

Mighty Planes shines in spectacular HD footage shot by award winning professionals, is recorded in 5.1 surround sound, and uses both photorealistic and schematic-style computer generated animations to illustrate and explain key story points. Great lengths are undertaken to entertain and educate our viewers by telling great stories about great planes. From a massive firefighting water bomber, to the latest and greatest in passenger airliners, and a huge but nimble military transport, Mighty Planes delivers the ride of a lifetime. Along with the people who make it happen on the ground and in the air…we let them all share their part of the story and the glory.