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About the Royal Clipper

A Modern-Day Tall Ship that’s a Blast from the Past
Royal Clipper is the largest sailing cruise ship in the world, with five masts that soar 58 metres high, supporting 42 sails that can carry the ship to a speed of 17 knots. With one crew member for every two guests aboard, Royal Clipper offers a perfect combination of barefoot sailing and pampered service. On this ship, adventure is written on the wind.
A Cruise that’s a High-Wire Balancing Act
This 12-night voyage offers romance for the guests, but non-stop pressure for the crew. Torn sails and a broken motor force one sailor high up into the sail rigging for multiple repairs. The ship’s Captain faces off against bustling ferries and inattentive fishing boats off Sicily. And a pair of tardy passengers gets left behind in one port – only to face a stern confrontation with the Cruise Director when they catch up with the ship.