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About Viking Sea

An Ocean Ship from the World’s Largest River Cruise Line
Viking Sea is the second ocean-going vessel launched by the owners of Viking River Cruises. Reviews for the first cruise ship were stellar, but each ship – and each voyage – is a new test. No casinos, bumper cars or discos on this ship; just fine food, dramatic destinations and sublime Scandinavian décor that makes Viking Sea one of the most beautiful cruise ships in the world.
A Viking Ship Sailing the Vikings’ Seas
Only a couple of months after entering service, Viking Sea sets out from London to Scotland and the northwest coast of Norway in the week of the Midnight Sun. it’s an itinerary the ship has never sailed before, with a good half of its crew brand new to not only the ship, but to Viking Ocean Cruises as a whole. It’s a voyage that promises outstanding scenery: Edinburgh Castle, Shetland ponies and spectacular Norwegian fjords. To get there, though, the crew must contend with numerous challenges. At sea, the Captain faces difficult navigation in tight corridors, while the Chief Engineer balances engine performance in the face of a fuel shortage. In port, the excursion team rushes to shuttle guests ashore and send them out on the right tours. And in the galley, the chefs cook up a storm to satisfy the most discerning palettes.