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About Ocean Endeavour

A Ship Built for Polar Extremes
With an ice-strengthened hull and a fleet of Zodiacs, Ocean Endeavour is the perfect vessel for adventure. A voyage on this ship is not just a cruise. It’s an expedition. In the hands of an experienced staff who are experts in Arctic ice, wildlife and natural history, each trip ashore promises a rugged but enriching experience. The ship’s modern amenities soothe the body and the soul, with a pool, sauna and hot tub, along with comforting meals awaiting guests as they step back aboard.
A Voyage through the Ice to the Northwest Passage
For the passengers, this cruise offers only wonder and excitement. For the ship’s crew and expedition team, though, every experience brings uncertainty and the potential for danger. A trip through thick fog and icebergs in the northern hemisphere - ethereal and stunning for the guests - puts the Captain on high alert. Reports of a polar bear sighting create anticipation for a group of hikers, but tense concern for the expedition guides. And when a huge ice floe blocks the route to the first stop in Canada, the ship’s navigator and expedition leader scramble to revise the itinerary – looking for wildlife and sightseeing opportunities that can be  enjoyed without bringing guests ashore.  All this aboard a ship that ventures through Arctic waters on its own – with Coast Guard assistance not hours, but days away.