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About MSC Divina

A Taste of Europe in the Caribbean
MSC Divina is divine – all marble and mirrors, with dramatic lighting and Swarovski crystal staircases. Featuring the best of Italian design and American convenience, this ship cruises the Caribbean in a style more often associated with ships one-quarter its size. Carrying 4200 passengers from 70 different countries, a cruise on this ship offers the best of Europe on board, with stops at the top ports in the Caribbean.
A Cruise through Hurricane Season
This sold-out cruise poses many challenges: shuttling an entire shipload of passengers ashore on small boats with the ship anchored out in the harbour; organizing on-shore tours for 1500 to 2000 guests; getting everyone back a board in time – not to mention the task of entertaining and feeding them all on board the ship.  For the Captain, there are greater concerns: sudden winds that can push MSC Divina off course in tight harbours, changeable currents that force him to execute approaches to the dock that he has never before attempted; and worst of all, a brewing tropical disturbance that might close the last port – forcing the ship to ride out the potential hurricane at sea.