Last Stop Garage




At the age of 15, with no experience, Collin started his own repair shop inside a shed in North West River. Collin and Corey grew up fixing snowmobiles and vehicles, and would fix anything that came through the door to earn money. After years of hard work, he established CRB Automotive (CRB stands for “Collin R. Baikie”), a business that is essential to the community. Collin’s aboriginal, hardworking background motivates him and his employees to make CRB grow. In addition to running CRB, Collin is a professional MMA fighter and former Quebec middleweight Victory Champion. He trains every day and spends approximately 7 months a year training in Montreal alongside George St. Pierre, as well as in Ontario alongside first time Canadian Ultimate Fighter winner Chad Laprise. This made him a local celebrity and mentor within the community of North West River. 
Lead Mechanic


Corey dropped out of school in grade eight and moved out on his own when he was just 16. As a natural born gear-head and problem solver, he taught himself how to build and fix machines of any kind – from small engines to massive dump trucks. After work, he likes to trick out snowmobiles and invent gadgets from scratch. Corey is the self-taught mad genius that can fix and build anything. He comes up with the plans, assigns the tasks, and bosses around the assistant mechanics in the shop. Corey has the unique ability to turn nothing into something with his MacGyver-like magic.
CFO, Collin’s Mom


Melinda is a hard-driving, whip-smart lady who takes no nonsense from anyone. She is married to Leander and they have three grown children, Amanda, Justin and Collin and three grandchildren.  She is often referred to as "mom" of the shop.  She is a tough laughing momma bear who gives financial advice to management and office staff.  Melinda’s role at CRB is to manage the finances, handle HR, and keep everyone in line.
Part-Owner, Collin’s Dad


Leander is Collin’s father and biggest fan. Leander has his hands in every aspect of the family business, from fixing pumps to designing buildings, much to the chagrin of everyone else. He’s always trying to expand the business with newfangled ideas (a restaurant! a corner store! a gym!) When he is not at the shop, he is very active as a well-known musician with his own local following. While everyone is busy trying to play catch-up, Leander will try to syphon off time to lend a hand. And as someone who grew up in North West River, he knows everyone and is incredibly resourceful at finding stuff the garage needs.
Gas Bar Manager


Ross is CRB’s Gas Bar Manager and expert scrounger. At times, he can be known to be very cantankerous, but no one will tell off or fire him because, well, he’s been at CRB since day one (some will say far too long). He grew up with the Leander and Melinda and has lived in North West River his whole life. The CRB management team is constantly trying to get him to change his ways, to be cheery and less combative. But he is stubborn and doesn’t like change. Ironically, his lack of humour is the basis for much comic relief at the garage.


Amy is Collin’s 2nd cousin and Corey’s girlfriend.  She is a beautiful tomboy that can drive just about any motorized vehicle including dump trucks and doesn’t mind helping the mechanics bleed brakes. She is a crack shot with a rifle who loves to hunt partridges and moose. She appears to be shy, but Amy can step up to the plate as a warrior when required.
Shop Labourer


Kyle is Collin’s cousin. He’s the shop assistant that’s charged with doing all the dirty jobs from cleaning toilets to shoveling out cars in the ditch. Kyle’s mix of dedication and absent-mindedness always gets him into strange situations that will make everyone sigh. He’s earned the nickname ‘Clydesdale’ because he’s strong, loyal, and a true work horse.


Tyler is Collin’s first cousin and a junior mechanic at CRB. He recently made the move from the gas bar to the garage and is rapidly learning the automotive trade. Born and raised in North West River, Tyler lives for the outdoors. He’s widely regarded as one of the region’s best hunters and is always willing to share some fresh game.