Jade Fever


Claudia Bunce

The Boss
 “We are on our way to the penthouse…or the outhouse.”

Born in Pforzheim, Germany, Claudia’s family moved to British Columbia when she was very young. In the 1960s, Claudia’s father Steve, a jade miner himself, moved their family to the area now known as Jade City. It was in her childhood when Claudia fell in love with jade. As an adult, Claudia returned to Jade City, eventually taking ownership of the Cassiar Mountain Jade store and helping set up Dease Lake Jade Mining. Now with the help of the 35 townspeople in the area, Claudia and her husband Robin are trying to realize their dream: to establish Jade City as the jade capital of Canada. Unofficially the town mayor and mother, Claudia keeps everything running smoothly and is never afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Beneath her tough exterior though, is a woman who loves her family first and jade second.

SOMETHING YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT CLAUDIA: She is a hoarder of all things,
loves to paint and collects children’s books and cookbooks.

Robin Bunce

The Mine Manager
“I sure hope my wife knows what she is doing.”
Robin was born in Prince George and it was there that he met Claudia while she was working on his sister’s food truck. The two fell in love, got married, and had two sons named Justin and Joshua. Robin may not always wear the pants in the family, but as the mine manager, he keeps the mine operations on track—working tirelessly to find the million-dollar boulder that could change his family’s luck. Robin has a love for anything automotive and the talent to fix and refurbish anything with an engine and four wheels.

SOMETHING YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ROBIN: He loves energy drinks and is
known to have Rockets (the candy) on hand at all times.

Joshua Bunce

“How many high school dropouts are making the kind of money I am
…other than my mom and dad”
Joshua is Claudia and Robin’s youngest son and loves to run his mouth as much as he loves to run his pick up. Josh learned most of what he knows from his mom and dad, and spent his youth in Jade City—a playground for fishing, snowmobiling and mining. Joshua lived and worked in Smithers before moving back home to run heavy machinery for his parent’s company. His passion for jade runs deep, but his temper could prevent him from taking over the family business, something he hopes to do one day.

SOMETHING YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT JOSHUA: Joshua loves trucks, his dog
Cooper and tattoos. He’s tough as nails but runs the other way when he sees a spider.

Guy Martial

“Nothing but class – and it’s all low”

Guy loves a lukewarm beer in his hand and good friends by his side or is it a good beer in his hand and lukewarm friends by his side? This French Canadian likes to keep life simple – friends, family, his dog, hard work and you guessed it…beer. If Guy could make enough money during the jade mining season to chill till the next season starts, he feels he’d have it made. In the meantime, he drives trucks on the ice roads in Northern BC in the off-season. And back to the question of lukewarm beer or lukewarm friends Guy says “if you can stomach a lukewarm beer, you will never have to turn one down!”. So good friends it is. That’s not too pretty bad.

Justin Bunce

Josh’s older brother, Justin, has been involved in mining his whole life. Last year, Justin’s mid-season arrival to Wolverine helped score some of the biggest jade finds of the year. Now, the “Jade Whisperer” is branching out on his own. Justin and childhood friend Mike Mee have started a new company – Quartz Creek Development Ltd. The two have their targets set on opening a new market for industrial grade jade products using techniques never seen before in jade mining. Justin has Claudia’s strong will and Robin’s no-nonsense approach to mining and he’s determined to shake up the jade industry.

Mike Mee

Mike is returning to Jade City this summer with ambitious plans for the Dynasty mine site. Two years ago, Mike was a part of Claudia and Alan’s drill program that had limited success at the hard rock site. Now, he and childhood friend, Justin, have plans to capitalize on the industrial grade surface jade. Mike wants to employ new techniques to jade mining that have usually been reserved for marble quarrying. It’s a big gamble but Mike is confident he and Justin can pull it off.

Alan Qiao

“If we deliver, we can push Canadian jade to the top of the Chinese market.
If we find nothing, I may have to walk away from the table.”
Alan has lived in Canada for 15 years and loves the tranquility of the BC wilderness. A partner in Claudia’s jade mining business, Alan’s Chinese heritage makes him the gobetween for the Bunce’s and their foreign investors. While he may not be able to run heavy machinery in Wolverine, he does keep a watchful eye on the business and even makes a decent camp meal. When Alan is not hunting for jade, you might find him fishing at his lake-front cabin outside of Jade City.

SOMETHING YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ALAN: Alan loves a good French wine and
he had a career in hotel management before entering the mining business.

Scrappy Larry

“It’s an environmental disaster up here…
what difference does it make if I add to it?!”
Scrappy Larry is an environmentalist’s worst nightmare—thank god there are none in
Jade City! Larry’s scrapyard is full of broken-down gear, discarded cars, wild horses and everything is for sale for the right price! As “Old Scrappy” constantly brings in new “treasure”, he is determined to unload more of it on his best customer, Robin. But he’ll have to do it despite being a major pain-in-the-ass to Claudia.