Jade Fever

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Claudia Bunce

Born in Pforzheim, Germany, Claudia’s family moved to British Columbia when she was very young. In the 1960s, Claudia’s father Steve, a jade miner himself, moved their family to the area now known as Jade City. It was in her childhood when Claudia fell in love with jade. As an adult, Claudia returned to Jade City, eventually taking ownership of the Cassiar Mountain Jade store and helping set up Dease Lake Jade Mining. Now with the help of the 35 townspeople in the area, Claudia and her husband Robin are trying to realize their dream: to establish Jade City as the jade capital of Canada. Unofficially the town mayor and mother, Claudia keeps everything running smoothly and is never afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Beneath her tough exterior though, is a woman who loves her family first and jade second. 

Robin Bunce

Robin was born in Prince George and it was there that he met Claudia while she was working on his sister’s food truck. The two fell in love, got married, and had two sons named Justin and Josh. Robin may not always wear the pants in the family, but as the mine manager, he keeps the mine operations on track—working tirelessly to find the million-dollar boulder that could change his family’s luck. Robin has a love for anything automotive and the talent to fix and refurbish anything with an engine and four wheels.

Joshua Bunce

Josh is Claudia and Robin’s youngest son and loves to run his mouth as much as he loves to run his pick up. Josh learned most of what he knows from his mom and dad, and spent his youth in Jade City—a playground for fishing, snowmobiling and mining. Josh lived and worked in Smithers before moving back home to run heavy machinery for his parent’s company. His passion for jade runs deep, but his temper could prevent him from taking over the family business, something he hopes to do one day.  a spider.

Guy Martial

Although he isn’t a licensed mechanic, Gary’s got a knack for fixing things, making him invaluable on the mine site. His “MacGyvering” skills have earned him the nickname MacGary. Out in the bush he can make just about any broken-down piece of equipment work again, using whatever he’s got at hand, whether it’s a piece of wire, a stick or duct tape. He’s also known among the crew for his signature “happy dance” when they make a discovery of jade. When Gary isn’t mining with the Bunces, he works in the Alberta oil fields as a pipeliner, and moonlights as a forest firefighter. 

Scrappy Larry

Larry Noel, better known as “Scrappy Larry,” is a hauler and scrap collector who has turned a piece of land beside an abandoned asbestos mine into a hoarder’s paradise of ramshackle cars, beaten up trucks, rusty automobile parts, and numerous other oddities. Anything and everything is up for sale at his junkyard – for the right price! This loveable con artist is known for his wheeling and dealing, especially if he’s selling to his neighbours Robin and Claudia. Misadventure is often the name of the game and just about anything that could go wrong has gone wrong on Larry’s hauls, but somehow he still manages to get the job done, which is why locals refer to his working method as “Scrappy Style.” Larry’s passionate about old equipment and vintage vehicles, the older and more broken down the better, so he’s always hunting for “great deals” to take back to the yard. When it comes to Scrappy, one man’s trash truly is another’s treasure.