Highway Thru Hell

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Born and bred into the towing business, Jamie Davis is the owner of Jamie Davis Motor Truck & Auto, a company he started in Hope more than 10 years ago. With Jamie’s current back-to-basics business strategy, he’s been getting out from behind the manager’s desk and back behind the wheel where he’s happiest. However, the new game plan proves to be a risky one. As Jamie streamlines his operation, he has to lean more on crew and family to come through during the worst winter in a decade.


When Colin McLean first came to work for Jamie Davis he had to prove he was skilled enough to run the flagship rotator and lead the team in Alberta. This season, Colin returns to face a mountain of challenges when he joins the team in Hope and has to learn the ropes of heavy recovery on BC’s steep and unfamiliar slopes.


Jamie's step-son Brandon Kodallas, now 22, has worked for the family business for 6 years. After too many intense encounters on the highways, Brandon focused on office work. But this season he’s ready for the open road, and to face his fears once again.


Sherry Davis is Jamie’s business partner and wife. She grew up in nearby Mission, BC, where she used to spend her time skiing on the local slopes. Jamie and Sherry live together in Hope, BC with their 4 kids - James Jr, Alexis, Brianna and Brandon.


Love for the mountains has kept Ken Monkhouse working in and around Hope, B.C., despite his city-boy roots. A long time tow truck driver, Ken has had too many close calls to count. With some harrowing back-road recoveries under his belt, Ken is on his way to mastering the technical side of mountain rescue, but he still faces some big challenges ahead.


Gord Lundin has toughed it out as a swamper for years on some of the most daring recoveries Jamie Davis has done. Now, he has to show he’s got what it takes as Jamie takes on new territory and puts him at the helm of his own 1-ton tow truck.


John Rogers is usually the one getting things done for Jamie behind the scenes, but this season, when the Coq closes, John has to make it through the chaos in a heavy wrecker to see if he can be the one to make a difference


Al earned the nickname “King of the Coq” by rescuing thousands of drivers on the Coquihalla Highway.  But this season, Al sets out to expand his recovery “kingdom”. The result is several epic recoveries in extreme environments.  Even Jamie is impressed, marvelling that Al is one of the few heavy recovery operators in the world who can pull off the near impossible.


Gord Boyd has been doing heavy rescue for nearly two decades, almost half of that as Al Quiring’s right hand man. “Every day is a different day”, he says, and it’s the reason he loves what he does.  When he’s not out battling the mountain highways in his tandem 50-ton wrecker, he’s taking his Harley out for a spin.



Cary Quiring’s following in his father Al’s footsteps, learning the art of towing and recovery on one of Canada’s busiest highways. This season, he gets a taste of operating ‘Dad’s Truck’ and is under pressure to clear a semi blocking the Trans Canada Highway.


Ken Duperon takes over the reins at Mission Towing this season. Despite being a competitior, Jamie Davis calls Ken ‘one of the best in the business'. Tackling some spectacular wrecks this winter, Ken must lean on his extensive knowledge of heavy rescue’s tricks of the trade to get him through.


Twenty-six year old Dylan Greenwood is a backcountry recovery expert, working for Mission Towing and now drives one of the company's top heavy wreckers. He’s also Ken’s son-in-law and whenever he gets in a tough spot, he’s never too proud to ask his father-in-law AND heavy rescue mentor for help.


Jason Davis is Jamie’s younger brother and owner of Aggressive Towing in Abbotsford, BC. He runs a large fleet of powerful wreckers based in the Fraser Valley including his flagship 70-ton rotator. 



Chris Mervyn is Jason’s lead heavy driver.  ‘Merv’s’ always got a smile on his face, but don’t let that fool you. When it comes to heavy rescue, his solid skills make him one of the best young operators around.


Richard Enns supervises the VSA Highway Maintenance team that services much of the Coquihalla. Over his career, Richard has put in years behind the wheel of every piece of equipment in the VSA arsenal, leaving him uniquely qualified to command an army fighting back winter.