Highway Thru Hell



Born and bred into the towing business, Jamie Davis is the owner of Jamie Davis Motor Truck & Auto, a company he started in Hope more than a decade ago. Whether on a treacherous backroad job or 2000 kms north of his home base, Jamie’s get ‘er done attitude is legendary. In the season to come, Jamie faces some of his toughest recoveries yet, and his mission, to use mostly older wreckers, could prove to be a risky move.


When Colin McLean first came to work for Jamie Davis he had to show he was skilled enough to run the flagship rotator and lead the team in Alberta. This season, Colin’s finding his groove in B.C., and despite some tough nights working in the worst mother nature can throw at him, Colin finds a way to keep things upbeat.


This season Jamie brings Cam on board at JDMT for a shot at heavy rescue and entrusts him with his 22-ton wrecker named ”The Python”. Cam hails from Calgary and brings his mechanic skills to the table,  hopefully they’ll be handy on some of the remote backroad jobs he'll set out to tackle.


Jamie's step-son Brandon Kodallas, now 23, has worked for the family business for several years. After one too many intense encounters on the highways, Brandon took time off to travel.  This season he’s back on the open road and facing his fears as he helps stranded motorists on the Coquihalla. 


Sherry Davis is Jamie’s business partner and wife. She grew up in nearby Mission, B.C., where she used to spend her time skiing on the local slopes. Jamie and Sherry live together in Hope, B.C. with their 4 kids – Brandon, James Jr, Alexis and Brianna.


John Rogers, with his background in recovery, comes out to lend a hand and lead the flagging crew on Jamie’s bigger jobs.  Otherwise John handles Jamie’s day to day business as well as logistics as his Office Manager in Hope.


Al earned the nickname “the King of the Coq” by rescuing thousands of drivers on the Coquihalla Highway over the years. This season he continues to expand his “kingdom”, which has Al and company heading out on several unusual and intense jobs.  Even Jamie’s impressed, marvelling that Al is one of the few heavy recovery operators in the world who can pull off the near impossible.


Gord Boyd has been doing heavy rescue for nearly two decades, almost half of that as Al Quiring’s right hand man. “Every day is a different day”, he says, and it’s the reason he loves what he does.  When he’s not out battling the mountain highways in his tandem 50-ton wrecker, he’s taking his Harley out for a spin.


Cary Quiring’s following in his father Al’s footsteps, learning the art of towing and recovery on one of Canada’s busiest highways. This winter, Cary has a life-changing moment when he heads out solo and happens upon the biggest wreck on the Coquihalla in 30 years.


Ken Duperon heads up Mission Towing - his family’s 60-year old business. Despite being a competitor, Jamie Davis calls Ken “one of the best in the business”. With this year’s devastating ice storm to deal with, Ken must lean on his extensive knowledge of heavy rescue’s tricks of the trade to get him through.


Twenty-six year old Dylan Greenwood is a backcountry recovery expert, working for Mission Towing.  He’s worked his way up to drive one of the company's top heavy wreckers, and he’ll need it, as he leads some of Mission Towing’s biggest jobs this year


Steve works for Mission Towing. Having grown up in the Fraser Valley, is familiar with the terrain and mountainous backroads in his backyard.  Even still, some nasty wrecks challenge the veteran and his favoured flat deck.


Jason Davis is Jamie’s younger brother, and owner of Aggressive Towing in Abbotsford, B.C.. He runs a large fleet of powerful wreckers based in the Fraser Valley including his flagship 70-ton rotator.  This season he’s challenged to pull off the “Holy Grail” of recoveries - leaving a recovered semi without a scratch.


Chris Mervyn is Jason’s lead heavy driver.  ‘Merv’ has always got a smile on his face, but don’t let that fool you.  When it comes to heavy rescue, his solid skills make him one of the best young operators around.  This season Jason gives him the keys to a powerful new high-tech wrecker, but with that comes the challenge of learning all its quirks.


Tia is Jason Davis’ hard-working daughter.  She’s known to like getting her hands dirty on a wreck and this season she’ll get her hands on the controls too.  Tia and her sister Jas are also known for putting together charity events like the annual Tow Truck Toy Run which brings together many of the area’s top heavy wrecker operators to collect Christmas toys for kids in the community.


After establishing a new base 120 km north of Hope, Reliable Towing makes its debut on Highway Thru Hell. Operating out of the city of Merritt, and lead by heavy rescue veteran Scott Kieler, Reliable Towing now tackles big wrecks on the mid to upper end of The Coquihalla Highway.


James Luke and his 30-ton wrecker, affectionately named “Black Sheep”, are first on scene for several big recoveries near Merritt this season. One of the company’s more experienced operators, James knows the area well, after years working for another tow company in Merritt. 


Mitch Karr is son-in-law to Scott, and has a deep respect for his years of experience in heavy recovery. Mitch is often seen driving a wrecker once owned by Jamie Davis. Now emblazoned with Reliable’s distinctive claw mark graphics, the 50-ton wrecker (formerly HR-116) and Mitch’s distinctive ‘pirate beard’ are hard to miss.


Jim comes to Reliable Towing from a background as a snowplow driver on the Coq. He’s equally comfortable operating a variety of equipment, but often shows up in a heavy for big jobs.


At 27 years old, Kyle is a trusted member of the Reliable towing and recovery team. This year Kyle’s skills will be put to the test when he has to use Mitch’s 50 ton wrecker for the first time on a major recovery.


When not dispatching crews and handling paperwork in Merritt, Roland can be seen behind the wheel of a flat deck or on scene assisting the team on big recoveries.


Nicknamed “Rooster” for his mohawk hairstyle, James Merkley operates a 1-ton wrecker for Reliable Towing. In his spare time, Rooster has earned some recognition as an up and coming country singer.