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Alan Nursall

Daily Planet veteran Alan Nursall returns to Discovery's flagship program with his popular column: The Alan Nursall Experience. A fresh take on his ever-popular science-on-the-street demonstrations, Nursall explores the science behind the world's wildest, wackiest and weirdest phenomena! Over the years, viewers have watched Nursall take part in it all - from parachute training at CFB Trenton, to experimenting with stability in a vertical wind tunnel, to demonstrating the physics of bobsledding and ski jumping - The Alan Nursall Experience truly gets more extreme with every experiment.

Nursall is the founding Principal of NEXT Exhibits and has over 25 years' experience working in science centres and museums. During his career at Science North in Sudbury, Nursall held a variety of positions, including Science Director from 2000 up until 2007.

Anthony Morgan

To say Anthony Morgan loves science is an understatement.

Though he is a neuroscientist and psychologist by training, it was the 12 years he spent at the Ontario Science Centre that sparked his passion for creating and sharing incredible science experiences!

From here he decided to refine his unconventional approach by completing a graduate degree in
Science Communication at Laurentian University. 

Since then he’s found all kinds of entertaining avenues to show the world how fun science really is! He’s written for newspapers, appeared on numerous TV shows and contributed to popular youtube science channels like ASAP Science. In 2014 he founded the company “Science Everywhere!”. Its principle goal is to inspire everyone to recognize, use and share science everywhere in their lives. It aims to start a movement and take it global! They’ve worked with a bunch of different organizations so far and you can find out more about it at their website, scienceeverywhere.ca 

Anthony serves as Chair on the board of an amazing maker-space called Site 3 CoLaboratory. When he’s not appearing on TV or Youtube, you’ll often find him there tinkering and testing out new and crazy experiments. 

Dan Riskin

Dr. Dan Riskin is a dynamic science communicator, best known in Canada as the co-host of Discovery’s DAILY PLANET, and in the United States and elsewhere as the host of Animal Planet’s hugely successful show about parasites, Monsters Inside Me.

Riskin’s love of science was born with a book about bats that he read in high school. That passion carried him through his training as a biomechanist and evolutionary Biologist (B.Sc. Alberta, M.Sc. York, Ph.D. Cornell), and soon Riskin was studying bats around the world, in places like Australia, New Zealand, Trinidad, Costa Rica, Belize, South Africa, and Madagascar. (His full academic cv is here.)

In addition to his recurring work on DAILY PLANET and Monsters Inside Me, Riskin has hosted multiple award-winning television specials on The Science Channel (USA), including Jupiter: Close Encounter, Direct from Pluto, Rosetta Mission: Landing on a Comet, and Supercomet ISON 2013. He appears regularly as a science commentator on CTV NewsChannel, CP24, and CTV National News with Lisa LaFlamme. He also periodically co-hosts CTV’s nationally broadcast live morning shows, Canada AM and Your Morning.

In 2014 Riskin received the Science Promotion Award from the Canadian Council for University Biology Chairs. In 2015, he received the University of Alberta’s highest alumnus honour, the Distinguished Alumni Award.

Riskin continues his science research as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Toronto Mississauga. His first popular book, Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You (Simon & Schuster) was a Canadian bestseller and will soon be made into a television show. His weekly science podcast, Recent Paper Decent Puzzle, is out now. 

Jay Ingram

Special Corresponent
Iconic broadcaster Jay Ingram is one of Canada's best-known and most popular science personalities. Ingram was co-host of Daily Planet - Canada's favourite science show - for an incredible 16 years, ending his run as co-host in June 2011. From space and sports to movies and microbiology, Ingram has made everyday science entertaining and accessible for millions of Canadians; and the legendary personality continues to appear on Daily Planet as a special correspondent for "Jay's Social Experiment."

Ingram has interviewed the biggest names and brightest minds in science, including meeting celebrated primatologist and anthropologist, Jane Goodall, at her home in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; interviewing Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web - and learning why he passed up the opportunity to license the technology for financial gain; and joking with renowned Professor Stephen Hawking... in an elevator. From 1979 to 1992, Ingram hosted CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks and earned two ACTRA Awards, including one for Best Host. In 1992 and 1993, Ingram hosted two CBC Radio documentary series, and contributed to CBC's The Health Show and CBC Newsworld's Canada Live.

In 2010, Ingram was appointed as a member to the Order of Canada for a lifetime of renowned service in communications. Other awards include the Sandford Flemming Medal, the Royal Society of Canada McNeil Medal, and a Michael Smith Award - each recognizing Ingram's exceptional work bringing science to the mainstream. Before joining Discovery, Ingram earned a Master's Degree in microbiology at the University of Toronto; he also holds honorary degrees from Carleton University, McGill University, McMaster University, King's College. He also holds an honorary degree and is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Alberta.

A prolific author, Ingram has written 12 books - most recently, Fatal Flaws - and three titles have won Canadian Science Writers Awards. This year, Ingram anchored three acclaimed original documentaries for Discovery and Discovery Science: Where Earth Meets Space, Jay Ingram: From The Inside Out, and the upcoming hockey special, Scoring with Science. 

Since 2005, he has been Chair of the Science Communications Program at the Banff Centre, a unique undertaking to promote creative science writing, broadcasting, and social media. He is also co-founder of Beakerhead, beginning in 2013 in Calgary.

Lucas Cochran

Tech Correspondent
Lucas Cochran is the Tech Correspondent on DAILY PLANET - Canada's favourite science show.

Cochran joins co-hosts Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin daily for a new segment called Digit@l, where audiences are looped into the latest technology headlines and must-know virtual hotspots. Cochran will appear again on Thursdays for Future Tech, a weekly segment where Cochran will try out cutting edge gadgets in studio, and go behind the scenes to show how these innovations will affect the future.

Born and raised in B.C., Cochran began his broadcast career as the host of PIMP MY PC on the Butterscotch Network, a weekly online show that focused on hardware modification and customization. Cochran's laid-back, coastal attitude - and tattoos, of course - have won him fans from his early days working in tech support through to his experience as a senior LAN administrator and now as a correspondent for Discovery Channel Canada. 

In addition to his appearances on Daily Planet, Cochran has been featured on CTV News Channel and has provided commentary on CTV National News, Canada's #1 newscast. 

Cochran's love for technology spills over into his off-air hobby of mixing electronic music and the rare times he goes offline, he can be found exploring Toronto on his BMX.

Sean McShane

Field Correspondent
Sean McShane has been behind-the-scenes producing stories for Daily Planet for over 7 years, but this year, he leaps in front of the lens! As a field producer, McShane's job often involves heading into some unique and exciting situations, so it seemed only natural to turn the camera around once in a while, and tell the story through the eyes of the man-on-the-ground.

With a deep passion for all things outdoors and adventure related, McShane loves nothing more than taking the Daily Planet audience to the furthest reaches of our planet, and show them amazing people doing incredible things. With a background in science, McShane has an unparalleled ability to peel back the layers of our world that we see with the naked eye, uncovering the details beneath that often go unnoticed.

When he's not making TV, McShane splits his time by jamming with his band, heading out of the city to kayak/canoe/ski/play, and working on restoring his 120-year old house.

McShane appears on Daily Planet regularly, Mondays thru Fridays at 7ET only on Discovery Channel.

Ziya Tong


Gemini-nominated Ziya Tong is co-host of DAILY PLANET, Canada's daily science show. Bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for science and the environment to the DAILY PLANET platform, Tong resonates with audiences of all ages. 

Before co-hosting DAILY PLANET, Tong served as host and field producer for PBS' national primetime series, WIRED SCIENCE produced in conjunction with Wired Magazine. In Canada, Tong hosted the CBC's Emmy®-nominated series ZeD, a pioneer of open source television, for which she received a Gemini Viewer's Choice Award nomination. Tong also served as host, writer and director for the Canadian science series THE LEADING EDGE and joined the team at NOVA scienceNOW as a new contributor in 2009.

In New York, Tong served as a senior producer for Orientation.com, a global internet news portal for developing countries partnered with the BBC and UNDP.

In 2003, Tong launched the Ethical Media Division for Cowie and Fox Creative, one of Vancouver's leading interactive agencies, to promote green branding for non-profit and environmental groups. A strong supporter of public broadcasting, Tong also participates in Media that Matters, a conference that promotes social change and media activism. 

Tong received her Masters Degree in communications from McGill University, where she graduated on the Dean's Honour List. Tong also received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in psychology and sociology from the University of British Columbia.

With a passion for culture and world travel, Tong is working to further develop her language skills speaking fluent English and Cantonese and working on her French, Mandarin and Arabic. Tong has also travelled extensively to over 50 countries and has hosted ISLAND ESCAPES, a travel show on CTV.

Tong also serves on the Board of Directors of WWF (World Wildlife Fund).