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World’s largest piece of Jade!


The Jade Buddha for Universal Peace weighs approximately 4 tonnes (4.5 tons) and stands at 2.5 meters tall (8 feet). This is the world’s largest solid piece of Polar Jade or Nephrite.

The statue was carved from a boulder discovered back in 2000; it weighed an astounding 18 tonnes (20 tons) and was Dubbed Polar Pride. Polar Pride is considered to be the geological find of the millennium. This larger than life Nephrite boulder was found in British Columbia, Canada, where 75% of the world’s nephrite jade comes from.

In China, Jade is believed to be the gemstone of heaven and is thought to bless one with luck, wealth, health and power. Since ancient times, Jade has been carved into tools, sculptures, jewelry and other cultural objects. It was also used to make ax heads because of its toughness. Jade is so tough it has to be cut with diamond.


Jade City, as featured in “Jade Fever” on Discovery, is a large supplier of the world’s Jade. The Bunce family and their team mine, process, carve and sell the Jade.

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