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Things You Won't Believe Were Invented (But Actually Were)!


Invent This! Week on Daily Planet rounds up some of the most incredible "Why didn't I invent that?!" moments....

What’s better then receiving money from an ATM? Pizza of course! That’s right there is such thing as a Pizza ATM and it’s just as amazing as you’ve imagined.


Everyone one knows the popular meme push button receive bacon. Well now thanks to Colin Furze you can literally push a button and receive your bacon with the Bacon Machine.


We’ve all tried to make paper airplanes before. Well there’s a machine for that. Specifically a Paper Airplane Machine Gun. That’s right, you can now fire up to 120 paper airplanes per minute with the press of a button.


Part Man, Part Nerf. This Nerf Prosthetic takes prosthetics to a whole new level.


Cameron Prince, Tesla’s biggest fan, has created his own Tesla gun!


As a snowboarder what will you do when the snow melts? Well have no fear because the Hill Glider is here! This board lets you glide on grass so you can continue to go down hills without the snow!


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