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Daily Planet does the Autoshow

The Canadian International Autoshow features the lastest cars in addition to awesome technology. We break down some of the coolest tech from this year's Autoshow.

COMS car from Toyota promises to be the future of urban transportation. It's environmentally friendly because it runs of electricity and wil make it easier to get around in conjested cities. These cars are being tested all over the world and might one day come to Canada.


The Carr-E electric hoverboard from Ford is designed to get you from where you parked to where you need to go. With the simple touch of a button from your mobile device you can turn the Carr-E into a drone that is remote controlled from your mobile. Another cool feature is that the hoverboard can be put into tether mode and can follow you around!


Toyota and Mazda are taking advantage of virtual reality and using it as a way to give you real world experiences in their new cars, without actually driving it.


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