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TRENDING: Newfoundland Moose


You’d be surprised to find out that the top Google search today was ‘moose’. If you check out #NLMOOSE you’ll see why: moose seem to be taking over the streets of St. Johns and most of Newfoundland.

Daily Planet Producer, Koula reached out to the experts to find out why..... 


RNC Const. Geoffrey Higdon pointed out that all the social media hype is great for two reasons –
they’re a lot of fun [picture moose in the backyard, crossing the street, in the park by the sandbox] and he uses all this fun to alert the public when moose are spotted on the highway so folks can slow down and avoid a head-on collision.

Hundreds of moose-vehicle collisions happen every year in NL and many lead to fatalities or serious injuries. 


Emily Timmins, Dept. of Environment and Conservation gave us the low-down: this is the season when yearlings [moose that were born last year] are pushed out of the fold by mommy-moose so they wonder around a bit lost until they find their way to another grazing spot.

Emily pointed out that moose sightings in NL are probably as unusual as raccoon sightings in Toronto.