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Super Blue Blood Moon

Coming Soon: Super Blue Blood Moon
Serena Harding 
A rare triple bill will be headlining the night sky on Jan 31st. A super blue blood moon!
The last time this group united on a North American tour was 1866! Astronomers are over the moon (see what I did there?) for this extremely rare occurrence and you should join in on the excitement. So what is a super blue blood moon? Let’s break it down…
A blue moon is the second full moon in one calendar month. This time ‘round, the first one occurred on January 1st. In order to get a supermoon, you need a full moon to happen as close to earth as possible. So put those two events together and you’ve got yourself a super blue moon. 
Now, to get the blood part, you also need a lunar eclipse – or, for the moon to pass through the Earth’s shadow.  This particular lunar eclipse is quite rare as it will cast a red-tinted shadow onto the surface of the moon, making it a – yup - blood moon.  All together now – super blue blood moon!
Super Blue Blood MoonImage by NASA
The best seats in the house to watch this lunar extravaganza will be in Western North America. But if you aren’t in a prime region to witness it, NASA will be livestreaming the event at 5:30AM EST. So set your alarms because this is a sight you do not want to miss!