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Why Songbirds Sing

Tis the season for songs as the birds who sought refuge in the south this winter will soon be returning. There are approximately 10,000 species of birds worldwide; about 4000 of these species are “Songbirds.”

So, why does a songbird sing?

Songbird_3-(2).jpgAlthough their songs may be beautiful, not all songbirds "sing;" more often than not, that lovely tune you hear are the male birds, females are not nearly as vocal. The males sing to protect their territory, to attract mates or, sometimes, just because.

Crow.jpgThere are also certain species that you might be surprised to see on the list, crows for example.

However, the songbird populations are dwindling; some species have lost up to 90% of thier species. Songbird SOS Productions has their Canada wide kick off for the release of their new documentary "The Messenger."

There is hope though, through national and international projects and programs YOU can be a part of the solution! Here are some links to learn more.