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Lifting off into a New Space Age

A new space race has begun! The time of just an elite few astronauts visiting space is over. Now, it’s all about commercial space flight - you can buy a ticket.

Virgin Galactic is the first commercial space flight company, planning on taking paying passengers up to 80 kilometers above the Earth’s atmosphere.


For $250,000, you’ll be able to have a seat on a shuttle that will take you up into space.
You get a clear view of Earth down below in contrast to the dark space around it, as well as the chance to experience five minutes of weightlessness.  

Virgin Galactic has had their share of setbacks, such as an explosion during the first rocket test. However, the team remains optimistic about their plans to bring the dream of space travel to anyone who wants it. There is no solid timeline when the airline will be bringing passengers into space, but forms and tickets are already being purchased through their website


With so many big events happening in space these coming years, it is likely we won’t here the end of Virgin Galactic and other possible commercial space flights.

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