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It’s the most wonderful time of the year- SHARK WEEK!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year- SHARK WEEK!

Daily Planet is diving in, taking you to the most remote places on earth- and getting you closer than ever to the sharks! We’ll reveal all their deep, dark, secrets, and meet the fearless researchers who are putting it all on the line to save these creatures.  

Photo provided by Madison Stewart

All the fun starts on Monday, July 24th at 7 ET & 4 PT! And while you wait to get your shark on, let’s see what you can expect!
We’re following renowned shark cameraman Andy Brandy Cassagrande on a tagging mission in South Africa! Normally he’s only behind the camera, but after Andy deploys a camera tag on a great white- he finds himself the subject of the shark’s directorial debut!

Photo provided by Andy Cassagrande

Great Whites Meet Their Match! In a small town in South Africa, 3 Great Whites have washed up on shore- not only dead but with their livers perfectly removed.. It’s a sharkie mystery- one that we are ready to solve! Can you guess who the culprit is? *Here’s a hint, its black and white, and the most famous one goes by the name “Willy!”

There is one good place in the world to catch a glimpse of the rare Oceanic Whitetip shark- Cat Island, Bahamas. There, we meet up with conservationist and videographer Madison Stewart aka ‘Shark Girl’ as she searches for these majestic beasts! With powerful jaws, this shark species is considered one of the more dangerous to humans!

So the Michael Phelps vs. Great White race sounds cool right? But not Canadian enough for us! Toronto Olympian Penny Olesiak will go up against Canada’s most iconic shark species-the Greenland shark! Tune in to find out who gets the gold!

Photo provided by Ocrearch

Daily Planet will honor and celebrate the life of Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart- a champion for sharks. We take a look back at some of his greatest encounters and get a sneak peek at scenes from the soon to be released Sharkwater: Extinction.
Finally, we’re bringing back our three wildly popular mini-series- Close Encounters, Weird Sharks and “Like a Shark” where we show you that sharks and people have a lot of things in common- including squad goals that could rival Taylor Swift’s any day.

Photo provided by Jean-Marie Ghislian & Martin Koechling

Don’t miss out on all the jawsome moments! Watch Daily Planet’s #SharkWeek July 24- 28 at 7 ET & 4 PT!
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