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Pythons Invade the Everglades

For the past decade and a half, the Burmese Python has been recorded as an invasive species
living in the Florida Everglades. Non-native species have a detrimental effect on an ecosystem 
and the Burmese Python in particular has left its mark. 2300 pythons have been tagged living
in the Everglades; however, it’s estimated that 10’s of thousands of pythons roam free.

Our producers and camera team joined researchers to investigate the Burmese Python in the Everglades.
When full grown, these reptiles can reach 20 feet or longer and weigh more than 200 pounds,
this makes them powerful predators. Capable of rivaling and devouring even the American
Alligator, which is a protected species, the Burmese Pythons are damaging the Everglades.

Bobcats and pythons occupy similar areas within Florida and experience a significant overlap
of prey; by preying on native wildlife and competing with other native predators, pythons are
seriously disrupting the natural food chain. Pythons are known to prey on a wide variety of 
native wildlife such as: rodents, raccoons, rabbits, bobcats, deer and many species of birds.


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