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What does a RoboVault, a fat trike made of old parts, a cruise ship, an underground skate-park and a surf board all have in common? Usually, nothing at all! BUT, this week they all share one thing: they’re SUPERSIZED!

The biggest of everything big is gathered here on discovery during ‘Supersize this.’

Take the RoboVault for example; this secure facility was designed to withstand a category 5 storm! The vault stores everything small from fine wine and art to larger items such as cars. The lower levels have 19 lanes, are 4 pallets high and 6 units deep; this means they can store up to 456 cars plus everything else on the upper levels. Check it out:


The ship "Harmony of the Seas" has also been dubbed the world’s largest cruise ship.
Proportionately, this ship is longer than the Eifel tower is high, spanning 361m; this ship also comes in weighing 227,000 tons. The sheer size of the ship isn’t all that’s giant, there’s also a 10 story water slide aboard.

"The Source" is the world’s largest subterranean BMX and skate-park that was fashioned out of a Victorian swimming pool over 130 years old. The Moore brothers Marc and Rich were the brains behind the idea. The brothers have rejuvenated the dilapidated building from nothing (no running water or electricity) into a dry wood underground skate-park, but it certainly came with its challenges.

Huntington Beach now boasts two world records; the first is the gigantic surfboard spanning 12.8m. The second is having 66 surfers riding the giant surfboard on a wave for at least 10 seconds. Although they achieved their goal, the work was definitely cut out for the designer and builders; after all, it’s either go big or go home.


The Black Widow Monster Trike… wow that sounds intimidating. Made of old parts scrap parts and every other part, this beast of a trike was made by mechanic Sean Cormier who has a penchant for building big. Over the course of building this bad boy though, Cormier had his fair share of trouble; the brakes don’t work and the carburetor froze! But Sean is determined to make it work!

What all of these giants have in common (alongside being supersized), is the engineering, mechanical know-how and planning that goes into making these behemoths.

  • Harmony of the Seas took 2.5 years to build, AND they came in under-schedule.
  • The surfboard was a rush order designed in 1 month by aerospace engineer Fred Courouble and was a huge success.
  • The Black Widow Trike had problem after problem and Cormier had solution after solution and the bike ran like a peach.
  • Robovault is capable of withstanding 200mph sustained winds and secures billions of dollars of valuables.
  • The Source skate-park has come to life from an old decrepit building which has lasted over 130 years and remains strong and standing!

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