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Extreme Excursions

Are you looking to go off the beaten path and embrace your inner daredevil? Well, have we got the excursions for you! From the traditionals like skydiving and paragliding to the lesser-known sports like volcano boarding, we've brought together a few that we know you'll be dying to try!


It’s just like snowboarding, but a whole lot warmer!  Try your hand at this extreme sport that will have you carving up the dunes. Find the best places for sandboarding in the Middle East, Africa and Australia -- basically just think warm.

White Water Rafting

Ride the rough waters and steer down waterfalls in this team-building feat! Hold on to your hats and follow instructions because these waters are often unpredictable. Warning: YOU WILL GET VERY WET.


Hey, go run off a cliff…with a parachute strapped on of course!  Watch this guy fly through the Alps on a smooth parachute ride.  It may look extreme, but the flight is beautiful and relaxing (once you get over the height of course!).

Zip Line Time Travel

Think about this the next time you’re waiting to cross the border. Built in 2013, the Limite Zero zips you from Spain to Portugal, from one time zone to another (hence the time travel!). The only problem is, once you reach Portugal you are immediately ferried back to Spain (and back to the future?) on an awaiting shuttle boat. Annnd, it's only about $20 CAD to try!


Volcano boarding

Tobogganing is a popular pastime for Canadians…but how about doing it down the side of an active volcano!? At only 165 years old, the youngest volcano in Central America, Cerro Negro, hosts this hot extreme sport for travelers near and far. For about $45 CAD you could be swerving down the volcanic ash as fast (or slow) as you desire. You will definitely pick up a few bumps and bruises along the way, but is there a better souvenir from one of the most extreme sports out there?


Cave diving

Daily Planet’s Ziya Tong had the chance to go cave diving in one of Yucatán Peninsula’s water-filled sinkholes. It’s the longest underground river in the world, and it was only just discovered recently! Watch her dive here.



Or "Kloofing" as the South Africans call it. 

Dive, slide, climb and repel! This multi-skilled adventure will take you on a wild journey through the world's best waterfalls. Trust in your guide and your group and you will have an exhilarating day you won’t soon forget.


Dune Buggying

Hold on tight; it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Rent out a dune buggy and drift around the desert sands! It's the perfect way to let out that bottled up need for speed.


Be mindful: many of these activities can be extremely dangerous if you are not with an experienced guide, so make sure you buddy up and follow all instructions before trying!

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