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Daily Planet is all about Extreme Vacations this week, and we have done some pretty extreme things ourselves in the past couple years! Here is a list of come crazy and fun ideas for your next vacation that has been featured on Daily Planet in some way or other. From extreme to tame, there is something down there for you!

Bruichladdich Whiskey Tours & Tastings 

Scotland is a beautiful destination in itself, but adding a Whiskey tour and tasting at Bruichladdich makes it even more enjoyable. 


Snowball Fight Events

One of the best actives in winter is getting a couple friends together for an all-out war- a snowball fight! Why not make this activity even more extreme by participating in a GIANT fight? Giant snowball fights have been on the rise this year, lots of events appearing around university and college campuses, as well as communities. The video down below shows the snowball fight that holds the world record for the most people involved in one!


Fire Surfing 

Surfing is definitely on most people’s bucket list- but what about fire surfing? Add in a bit more danger into this already extreme sport with a suit that allows the rider to be aflame as they surf! Many lessons and schools are already appearing for this extremely odd activity. 


Tornado/Storm Tours

Who doesn’t like watching a thunderstorm out the window? Watching storms is a usual pastime for some people, but storm chasing has also become a large phenomenon in the last few years. Crews will chase huge, dangerous storms such as tornados not only for the video or images, but the adrenaline rush and thrill it brings. Many companies are now offering tours to chase storms like tornados- would it be something you’d try on your next vacation? 

Bee Farm Visit/Tour

What better way to learn about the dangerous decline in our bee population than visit a Bee Farm? Lots of local farms in many areas offer tours and even tastings, as well as many educational activities for children, youth groups and schools.


Dead Sea Scuba Diving Tours

Scuba diving is an activity lots like to take advantage of when heading out on vacation- why not take it to the next level and try a Dead Sea scuba diving tour? Many companies are now offering tours to take you down to the deep Dead Sea, which is an amazing look at some never before seen parts of the ocean!

Bubble Soccer

What makes soccer even better? Giant bubbles! These bubbles are available to rent from a large number of companies and add a fun and playful edge to soccer as you try to run and bump into your friends while playing. Bubble Soccer is a popular event on college and university campuses, and definitely enjoyable to watch or play. 

Swimming with Mermaids

A fantasy comes to life! Love to swim, and always wished you could become a mermaid? The chance has now come! There are many opportunities to involve mermaids in your next vacation, from swimming with them, to mermaid swimming lessons. Become Ariel on your next swimming vacation! 

Hawaii Cave Exploration

Sure, you may be planning a trip to Hawaii for the typical reasons- the culture, the gorgeous beaches, and the scenery. Why not take a more adventurous route and book a cave exploration tour? 


Human Slingshot

Got a need for a thrill? Why not launch yourself sky high in a human slingshot? Daily Planet Producer Riley Nimens had a taste of it herself down below.

Redbull Frozen Rush 

Big cars. Bigger Ski hill. It is an adrenaline junkie’s dream! Each year Redbull hosts the Frozen Rush, where top racers compete in big trucks down real ski sloops. It is bound to be a thrilling ride for both participants and spectators! 

Sword Making/Blacksmith Tours

You don’t need to watch Game of Thrones to see beautiful swords; you can now watch the process in real life! Many tours are available for blacksmiths and sword making.


What do you think? Are you enough of an adrenaline junkie to try out a human slingshot or fire surfing? Or would you rather play Bubble Soccer and visit a Bee Farm? Let us know any other crazy vacations you want to take! JOIN THE CONVERSATION NOW!