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Drone Tourism


Though we would love to travel everywhere, it is not always physically possible.

Well, it's a good thing we have drones!!

People have recently been using the gadgets as a birds-eye view into the most magnificent and hidden regions of our planet. So, we've compiled the best drone footage to help inspire you to get out and travel this summer!

New Zealand Surf

Take a trip down under for some hidden coves, giant waterfalls and never-ending greenery.

African Wildlife

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Get closer to the animals than you could on safari!

Hawaii Whale Watching

Follow some majestic whales as they put on a show in turquoise Hawaiian waters.

Untouched Antarctica

A stunning view of the endless snowy landscape.

The Netherlands Flower Fields

This place must smell just fantastic.

Vietnam Cave Exploring

With lush greens and rocky landscapes, it makes up the largest cave in the world!

Iceland Mountains

The Northern Lights alone will make it hard to come home.


Can you feel the wanderlust sinking in? We sure can!!

This summer, Daily Planet will be scattering out ALL OVER THE WORLD to bring YOU some great new content. We’ll find some new personalities, check in on old friends, and share more crazy things that people are doing across this beautiful planet.

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