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Daily Planet's Future Tech 2018

The world’s only night science series is kicking off 2018 with a bold look into the future! Daily Planet’s Future Tech Week starts Monday Jan. 8 at 7 p.m. ET through Friday January 12. From testing the world’s highest elevator to mining for bitcoin, Daily Planet is your destination for everything future tech!

Here are a few sneak peaks ..

Drone Soccer

It’s a cross between Harry Potter and Star Wars- prepare to be amazed by “drone soccer” a wild new sport invented in South Korea. And yes it’s the greatest game on Earth played by drones! We meet YouTube vlogger Alex Sigrist (Michin Alex as he tried his hand at this glorious game!

Future Saturdays

Aren’t Saturdays just the best? You get to sleep in, lounge around, hang out with friends, and maybe even get some household done! But the Saturdays of the future are looking a little different- but in the best way possible! Luxury beds, personalized toilets, robotic pets, and hologram entertainment are just a few things you can look forward too! Hate grocery shopping? You won’t after you see this! We’re showing you a day in the life of the future!

Future Airports

Travel used to be all about fun and leisure, but with the long line-ups, never ending hassles and hours spent on the tarmac, recently it’s become more of a dreaded chore. But get ready, because that’s about to change. Future travelers to zip through security on rideable luggage, board planes made for their enjoyment and will get to their destination faster and in style! Finally the journey will be just as good as the destination!

All week long, our hosts Ziya Tong and Lucas Cochran are on-location at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, taking you behind the scenes with unprecedented access to the masterminds behind the future-forward gadgets that could the future!
Don’t miss Daily Planet’s Future Tech Week starting Monday, January 8th at 7 et 4p through Friday January 12th only on Discovery Canada!