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Daily Planet does SXSW


SXSW 2016 is in full swing down in Austin, Texas; this is the 30th year that this exhibition is being held.

Daily Planet's Lucas Cochran is there to bring you the latest and coolest innovative and interactive technology.

Here is some hot tech to watch out for!

Lucas checks out the LumoPlay, a projector that uses infra-red technology to sense motion. This projector can turn any surface into an interactive game!

Speaking of interactive creations, Lucas visits one of the Innovative Award winners Behnaz Farahi and her image-sensing interactive garment. The garment moves in reaction to an onlookers gaze, hence the name: Caress of the Gaze.

Now, Caress of the gaze reacts to an onlooker's eye movement, but, Sentiri can guide those that are visually impaired, the opposite in principle to Caress of the Gaze.

As Sentiri uses vibrations to assist in navigation, Antelope Compression Suit uses electric pulses to stimulate muscles. With Antelope, workouts could potentially double in effectiveness!

If you're changing clothes after a workout though, just remember to close everything up. But, just in case you forget, Notifly has got you covered.

Leaving your fly un-zipped is one thing, but ever wish you could save yourself from those embarrassing dance moves? Yes there is an app for that too! Doppel Dancer uses body scanning technology to create your very own a digital avatar… and yes, this avatar knows how to dance. 

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