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Bell Let’s Talk Day: Checking In
Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day, where we seek to rid Canada of stigma and promote a better environment for mental health through not just awareness, but assisting institutions and organizations with funding for better access, care, and research—so everyone can have better mental wellness.
Tonight, we are featuring tech that’s right up the alley for Bell Let’s Talk Day. Here’s a sneak peek…
Emotion Check
Whenever we experience anxiety or anger, our bodies react by raising our heartbeat. Researchers at Cornell University’s People-Aware Computing Lab are using feedback from heartbeats by using a device to track heartbeats and trick our bodies to slowing their own down. 1/3 of university students struggle with mental health issues and there just aren’t enough resources to keep up. We meet with the psychologist on campus dealing with the crisis, a student who used this tech in trial, and the creators of the device to see how it works and what’s coming up next.

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Today, Bell will donate 5¢ to Canadian mental health initiatives every time you send an applicable text, make a mobile or long distance call, tweet using #BellLetsTalk, view a Bell Let’s Talk Day video on social media, and use the Bell Let’s Talk Facebook frame or Snapchat filter.
Let’s all work together and strive to end stigma in Canada and pursue a greater future for mental health!