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Welcome to Treasure Seekers Twitter Treasure Hunt!

Check out before and after pictures of cool finds from around the world.

Treasure: Jellyfish

A dive team goes out to the ocean to tag jellyfish! This allows them to track their movement, how deep they are in the water, and how close they are to shore!


Treasure: Sardines

Each year a dive team tracks the sardine run off the coast of South Africa! At this time sardines spawn in cooler waters and because of the shear amount of them, it causes massive feeding frenzies!




Treasure: Scorpion Burrows

Amanda is scorpion obsessed! She goes out into the dessert to take molds of scorpion burrows so she can learn about their ecology and see how they survive in their environments! 



Treasure: Gold Coins

Earlier this year, a group of divers stumbled upon the biggest cache of gold coins ever discovered in the middle east. Two thousand gold coins dating back to the Fatimid period – about 2500 years old.


Treasure: World War II Fighter Jet

These students push the boundaries with underwater technology to identify a World War II fighter jet! The team discovers debris from the aircraft and they analyze it to try and discover exactly which fighter jet it is!


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