Cold Water Cowboys

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Morris and the crew of the Sebastian Sails, personify the fishing family tradition that is so strong in Newfoundland - Morris fishes with his father and his son. All three generations love being on the water, and it’s not just for the money. “Every day, we can’t wait to get up and get back out on the water,” says Morris. And working with three generations of family? Well, Morris says that just adds to the fun – and when things go bad, there’s no other men he’d want to have his back when he’s out 100 miles offshore.



Paul Tiller started fishing as age 16 with a 20-foot speedboat, and has worked his way up from there. Paul’s a king when it comes to catching crab and turbot, and this season he’ll add capelin to the list. Through it all, Paul leads a loyal and hard working crew - First Mate and long time friend, Garry Goodyear, and Paul’s brother, Jason, are aboard to round out one of the tightest crews on the island.  Together, this band of brothers fish hard and play hard – and they don’t go home until they’ve got their hold full of fish. 

Cox’s Cove, NL


Rick Crane is back with his best friend and First Mate Steven “Rope” Park. And there’s a new kid on the Crane’s Legacy, Jacob Payne, a complete rookie to the world of fishing. But this year isn’t like any other. After losing his father to cancer, Rick isn’t sure if he’s ready to return to work. The Crane’s Legacy is a painful reminder of his beloved dad. However, with the support of Rope and buoyed by his deep passion for the sea, Rick overcomes his grief and dives into some of the most challenging fisheries he’s ever done. Rick says, “Dad’s with me all the time. And wherever this journey takes us, I know he’ll be with me. I’m gonna make him proud.” 

Placentia, NL


There’s a new boat in the harbour this season skippered by Calvin Kerrivan with his son and First Mate, Kurtis. Calvin admits that he’s a “stubborn old coot” and that he often butts heads with his son. “Most people his age will start to slow down,” says Kurtis, “but he’s just go-go-go!”
Together they work on the biggest boat in the Jerseyside Harbour, the Crewshell Chill. Calvin hopes that his son will one day take over his fishing enterprise, but first Kurtis needs to prove to his dad that he’s got what it takes.
Valleyfield, NL


Also new in the harbour is Lee Pond and his boat the Jacob Louisa. Skipper Lee comes from a long line of fishermen, in fact, he doesn’t think anyone in his family has ever done anything else. He learned a lot from his father, except how to seine. He taught himself that. Lee first went to sea when he was 15 years old and never looked back.
He has a solid crew of experienced deckhands and runs a tight ship along with his First Mate, Stephen Mills.
Lee is passionate about seining and the challenges it poses. But the stakes couldn’t be higher. He has the biggest, most expensive boat in the area and is on the hook for $2 million in boat payments. Success is critical and every single fishing trip counts.