Canada's Worst Driver

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Since his “big” accident, which involved him slowly driving into a ditch and causing no damage, Adam has been a nervous wreck behind the wheel. Emotionally, this accident destroyed his confidence and is preventing him from living his life to the fullest. Sometimes the simplest tasks, like driving the short distance to work, makes Adam’s anxiety escalate, forcing him to pull over to allow for other drivers to pass. Sadly, Adam’s poor driving ability is preventing him from pursuing his goal of becoming a real estate agent. Adam needs CWD to rediscover his love for driving, manage his anxiety, get out of the house and reach his goals in life!


Ashley was nominated by former CWD title holder and fellow Newfoundlander Jillian. Ashley didn’t get her full license until she got a full time government job - even now she only drives her learned route to and from work. Ashley’s fear and anxiety manifests itself with crying and utter confusion. She grips the steering wheel and second guesses all of her decisions. She desperately wants to preserve her brand new car, which adds to her panic behind the wheel. Ashley needs to ramp up her confidence in order to drive the narrow, curvy streets of St. John’s, but most of all she wants her independence!


Breanna is the quintessential perfectionist. A self-described A-type, she needs to be in control at all times. But, as a new driver, Breanna is slowly learning you can’t control other drivers and their actions. An accident two years ago didn’t help, although she was only a passenger, the trauma of the unexpected incident stuck with her, as a result, her driving is punctuated by tears, panic, and anxiety. She’s put off getting her G2, but with the encouragement of her grandmother, Georgina, she would love to overcome her fear of the road and reclaim her independence and become an independent young woman.


Joe sees the road as his own personal closed road course. He weaves in and out of traffic, breaking traffic laws, running red lights and frankly, exhibiting road rage, and being an overall menace on the road. He’s over confident of his driving skills, but the damages he’s incurred on his vehicles and the money he’s spent on tickets, repairs and court dates suggest otherwise. Tony, his best friend, has had it with Joe’s shenanigans. He’s reached a breaking point where no longer wants to be passenger or an accomplice to Joe any longer. Is Joe ready to admit he needs to make some changes?


Julie received the nickname “Crash” shortly after getting her license at the age of 17. Since then, she’s been in about 16 accidents, written off three vehicles, and once lost her license. Julie claims her impatience behind the wheel is the cause for most of her accidents, but it’s her lack of focus, atrocious parking, and unwillingness to follow road rules that add to the stats. As a mother, it’s important for Julie to become a better and calmer driver for the sake of her five year old son. Julie’s nominator and long-time friend, Lara, feels Julie’s lack of responsibility stems from the fact her husband and father have been buying her cars and paying for her insurance since she was a teenager. She’s never had to deal with the repercussions of her accidents. If she doesn’t improve soon, this entitled Mama could lose her license for good.


Melanie has a lot more responsibility than most 27 year olds. With four kids, it is essential that Melanie drives – but she’s completely terrified behind the wheel. As an infrequent driver, she never gained the experience or skills she needed to drive confidently. Her recent divorce has forced Melanie to start a new life and get her back in the driver’s seat. Having two children with special needs, Melanie is required to take them to regular appointments. Even though she has a wheelchair van, she’s too scared to use the handicap parking spots, as they are too close to other vehicles. If Melanie doesn’t get help, she’s worried her anxiety is going to take over and stop her driving all together.


At the age of 13, a near tragic accident changed Shayne forever. After being hit by a speeding car, Shayne almost lost his legs and ultimately, his life. He spent his formative years recuperating and missing out on many important milestones, like getting his license. This traumatic experience has had a profound effect on Shayne. After finally getting his license at 34 (begrudgingly) to get a job as a farm hand, he got into another accident just two weeks later, thus losing his job. He’s recently divorced and has moved in with his sister Shanna, until he’s back to work. With a new girlfriend, it’s not just work that is pushing him to get behind the wheel – he wants to be able to drive and visit his girlfriend in Ottawa on his own.


Travis isn’t proud to admit that he’s had his learner’s permit for the past 18 years. When Travis was 18, he opted to move out on his own instead of buying a car and living with his parents. It wasn’t until he met his wife, Apryl, that his lack of driving really became a problem. She told him she wouldn’t marry a man without a license, forcing Travis to book his driver’s test – he failed miserably, but luckily, Apryl married him anyway. His lack of experience behind the wheel causes him to feel overwhelmed and anxious when he drives, and he admits these feelings get worse with each passing year. With a full-time IT career underway and talk of starting a family, Travis is under more pressure than ever to finally get his license. Even though he’s terrified, he’s actually booked his driver’s test just so he can come to driver’s rehab and gain the skills he needs to become a better driver.