My Cat From Hell

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About My Cat From Hell

Cat behaviourist, Jackson Galaxy is ready to rescue owners from their far-from-“purr-fect” cats in Season 5.  The series returns with 18 all-new episodes, putting Galaxy’s skills to the test against some of the most demonic cats he has ever encountered. This season is filled with unruly cats with uncontrollable bladders bouncing off walls, and manically screeching from night terrors!

In addition to making cat-calls in Los Angeles, for the first time, the “Cat Daddy” takes his more than 15 years of experience to Austin, Texas, and San Diego, California, to repair feline-owner conflicts. And, in what “purr-haps” may be one of his biggest challenges to date, Galaxy heads to Portland, Oregon to help Himalayan, Lux, the massively aggressive 22-pound cat that became Internet famous for terrorizing his guardians, scratching their baby, and forcing them to call 911 for assistance.

In MY CAT FROM HELL, Galaxy uses his proven training program and cat mojo to tackle some of the most hellish felines. In each episode, Galaxy aims to correct cat behaviour and improve their relationships with their owners – and sometimes, it's not just the cats that need Galaxy's magic touch!