1200x600-(1).jpgNow a collaboration between engineers at NASA and MIT has resulted in a shapeshifting wing that's as close as anyone has gotten to mimicking the natural agility of birds. The so-called Digital Morphing Wing could greatly improve an aircraft's fuel-efficiency, reduce its emissions and make it soar through the sky more smoothly and quietly than conventional planes.

Dogs and Chimps Could Use Eyeglasses Too

By: Jennifer Viegas Posted:
980x-(1).jpgchimpanzee wearing bifocals, a dog sporting prescription sunglasses, and a bonobo undergoing Lasik-type surgery to correct his vision could all be in the future, since new research suggests some mammals suffer from far-sightedness and other vision-related issues that often affect people.

It may seem silly to outfit a wild animal with glasses, but scientists have determined that diminished eyesight, which often happens with aging, can hinder necessary tasks. Elderly chimps, for example, have been seen grooming each other from an uncomfortable distance, with the groomer holding his head back like a far-sighted person would.
1200x6003-(1).jpgOur civilization's seemingly insatiable hunger for more and more energy has driven us to burn massive amounts of fossil fuels, whose emissions are driving us toward catastrophic climate change. But here's an even more disturbing fact. We waste much of the energy that's produced from those fuels, in the form of excess heat. Power plants, for example, typically lose 65 percent of the energy they produce.

But imagine if we could capture that lost energy and use it, through thermoelectric devices that convert heat into electricity by exploiting the flow of electrons from a warmer spot to a cooler one.