1200x600-(1).jpgProbably you've heard about our bright new future of delivery drones. Everyone from the USPS to Amazon is hot on the idea of aerial drones dropping packages from the sky practically into your lap. Even the federal government — typically slow to move — is acting quickly to get regulations into place.

But one pesky little problem remains: How to get the package-ladened drone from the warehouse to your doorstep. Batteries could run out if the distance is too far, and not only that, an abundance of drone traffic could become a flight-congestion nightmare.

Obama: NASA Will Land on Mars in the 2030s

By: Ian O'Neill Posted:
1200x600-(1).jpgThe President revisits NASA's achievements over the past six years while reaffirming the goal of getting boots on the Martian surface in the near-future.

In a patriotic and emotional op-ed for CNN Tuesday morning, President Barack Obama reaffirmed NASA's aim to land and return astronauts on the Martian surface by the 2030s, "with the ultimate ambition to one day remain there for an extended time."
1200x600.jpgSpace radiation is generally bad for any unprotected astronaut in space, but the prolonged exposure to cosmic rays could be perilous for future Mars explorers' brains.

Where were you when the first astronauts landed on Mars? The answer to that question will be remembered by all those alive to witness such a historic event, but the astronauts who made the trip could very well struggle with it.