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Premiering April 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT
In the wake of violent hurricanes, how do distraught homeowners reclaim their homes and their lives? A new 10-part series from Montreal's Pixcom Productions premiering on Discovery, JACKED! follows Jeremy Patterson and his rag-tag team of ex-cons and family members as they travel across the U.S. raising people's houses - and their spirits - restoring the confidence and faith of homeowners traumatized by hurricanes Katrina, Isaac, and Sandy.

In New Orleans, America's wettest city, Patterson tackles buildings that many believed were unsalvageable, and where homeowners have been waiting for years, for their homes and lives to return to normal. JACKED! transports viewers under foundations and into tunnels beneath the houses as they creak upward, inch by precarious inch. The series reveals a high-risk world of extreme personalities and claustrophobic action.

Flood insurance doesn't come cheap when your home has just been ravaged by a hurricane and a three-metre tidal surge. For most people, the only option is giving up and leaving their beloved house to the bulldozers. For the lucky ones, jacking it up above the flood line is the way to go. But raising a 200-ton home 3.5-metres into the air - co
ncrete foundation included -- with hydraulic jacks isn't a job for the faint of heart. This is especially true in New Orleans, where the ground is more like swamp and the houses are rotting from water damage. When Patterson moves on to New Jersey, he faces new challenges. He tackles his highest and riskiest job ever, and jacks monster beach homes that are sitting on shifting sand.

Fans can get JACKED! on Facebook and join the community on Twitter (@Jacked_TV) to chat with the JACKED! production team, using the hashtag #JackedTV. Viewer engagement extends through mobile via the Discovery App, where users can watch full episodes and episode-by-episode bonus video.
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