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High Tech Rednecks

About High Tech Rednecks
Calling all Gear-heads, Hunters, Honky Tonkers, Speed Demons, Moonshine Makers and all the other folks out there looking for some action - the biggest personalities in the Lone Star State are about to take you on a wild ride, chock full of blood, sweat and gears!

Welcome to HIGH TECH REDNECKS - a documentary series that follows the massive builds and high-octane antics of the Critter Gitters Hunting Equipment Company, as owner Bob Woodcock and his merry band of redneck mechanics construct and modify some of the most badass vehicles on the planet, complete with lift kits, machine gun mounts, and hot tubs; if you can dream it, Bob can build it!

Throughout each one-hour episode of HIGH TECH REDNECKS, Bob and the Critter Gitters team will create an over-the-top, Texas-sized build for the t
oughest customers this side of the Rio Grande.

From big-time Texas oilmen, ranchers, bankers, doctors and business owners, to professional athletes, entertainers, race-car drivers and even doomsday preppers, Bob Woodcock takes even the smallest job, and makes it a rootin' tootin' Texas dream.

So, listen up y'all because we ain't playin' - it's time for more firepower, more horsepower and more redneck philosophizing than your little heart can handle.

Texas just got a whole lot bigger - 'cause the HIGH TECH REDNECKS are here.
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