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About Last Car Standing
Clunkers, old buckets of bolts, and other wrecks on wheels are the unlikely "stars" of LAST CAR STANDING, a new high-stakes, high-impact Discovery Canada series that pits the proud owners of lousy cars against each other in a series of escalating driving challenges. Why? For the chance to restore their ride to its original glory! An original Canadian production by Toronto's Proper Television, the eight-part series premieres on Discovery. Hosted by Christian Potenza (SIDEKICK, TOTAL DRAMA), each episode of LAST CAR STANDING features five diverse and fun-loving drivers - each trapped in a love-hate relationship with an embarrassing clunker - who put it all on the line through four brutal rounds of competition until only one last car is standing. Viewers can get in on the bumper-busting action through an exclusive online contest with series sponsor Canadian Tire, and a whole trunk-load of cool web extras.

One by one, each eliminated driver must watch as their beloved beast endures the ultimate humiliation of being impaled on the massive Spike of Shame. But the driver - and the car - that withstands the grind of competition at the end of each episode gets a $10,000 automotive upgrade and best-car bragging rights...or... the chance to return for the Grand Finale to compete against other champion beaters for a $50,000 "better-than-new" vehicle restoration and the title of The Ultimate LAST CAR STANDING!

In each episode, cars are grouped according to class, from rusty old "Boats" and sub-standard Subcompacts, to faltering 4x4s to rundown Vans. At one point in time, each of these cars was a pristine showroom beauty, but over the years, these once-perfect automobiles have been allowed to fall apart. Each group is put through four elimination rounds until there's just one motor still running. The challenges start with a race around the treacherous Hot Lap; then on to a gruelling climb, tow, or launch up LCS's giant adjustable hydraulic ramp. Next, it's a head-to-head-to-head battle up and down (and over and around) on the dreaded Drag Strip Challenge; and finally the Beater Buster showdown - the ultimate, punishing, automotive obstacle course designed to push each car's capacity to its breaking point.

Episode - and car class - highlights from LAST CAR STANDING include:

  • '96 Dodge Stratus - The aging purple sedan is affectionately known as "Barney" by its owner, Annia.

  • '91 Honda Accord - The battery must be disconnec
    ted every night or it will die, and the transmission is a little "jumpy," according to its owner Petros.

  • '94 Volvo Wagon - The leaky sunroof means that owner Bill requires an umbrella while driving in rainy weather.

  • '96 Chrysler Sebring convertible - Named "The Black Coffin" by owner Alex's mother because she thinks the vehicle is a death trap. And she's probably right.

  • '97 Cadillac Catera - The Catera's sudden electrical failures give new meaning to the term "stop and go traffic," claims its owner Andrew.

  • '94 Buick Park Avenue - Owner Lloyd is insulted by the "Sell Your Vehicle For Scrap" flyers frequently placed on his windshield.

  • '01 Ford Police Interceptor - Owner Daniel appreciates the leftover dents and scrapes from its days a police car.

  • '95 Cadillac Eldorado - Bought at a police auction, Darren's former drug-running Caddy sports a bullet hole, and handles "like a bag of milk." Whatever that means.

  • '85 Oldsmobile Delta 88 - Nick traded a cup of coffee for this beast... but isn't sure if he got the better end of the deal.

  • '91 Chrysler Dynasty - Erin's Dynasty's trunk was once home to a dynasty of mice.

  • The series - and dumpster-worthy cars - continues with "Sporty Cars" , "Econo-boxes" , "Vans" , "Sub-Compacts" , and "4x4s" . The season wraps with the Grand Finale on June 10, when the five "winning" wrecks from LAST CAR STANDING episodes return to face off for $50,000 in automotive upgrades! It's a tough choice that will have viewers debating which option they'd choose for their own car...
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