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Casting Call: Last Car Standing Season 2
Last Car Standing is a one-hour action-packed, high-stakes reality show that pits the proud owners of lousy cars against each other in an escalating series of intense driving challenges!

Every episode of Last Car Standing features five diverse and fun-loving drivers, trapped in a love-hate relationship with an embarrassing clunker, who put it all on the line through four brutal rounds of competition for the chance to restore their ride to its original glory!

One by one, each eliminated driver must watch as their beloved beater gets impaled on our massive Spike of Shame! But the driver with the Last Car Standing gets a $10,000 automotive upgrade and best-beater bragging rights, or the chance to return for the Grand Finale to compete against other champion beaters for a $50,000 "better-than-new" vehicle restoration and the title of The Ultimate Last Car Standing!

Each episode, cars are grouped according to class (or lack thereof!) from rusty old "Boats", to sub-standard Subcompacts; from faltering 4x4s to rundown Vans, to suspect "Sporty", Midsize, and Economy cars. Each group is put through four elimination rounds until there is a sole "car-vivor"!

Challenges get progressively more intense with increasing chance of automotive destruction! Starting with a race around our treacherous Hot Lap in Challenge #1; to a grueling climb, tow or catapult up our giant adjustable hydraulic Ramp in Challenge #2; then a Head-to-Hea
d-to-Head battle up and down (and over and around the obstacles!) on the dreaded Drag Strip in Challenge #3; and ending with a final showdown in the Beater Buster - the ultimate, punishing, automotive obstacle course designed to test each beater's capabilities to the limit!

For extra fun, each brave driver will have a companion, riding shotgun, to help steer them to victory... with the action guided by our charismatic Host who signposts each step of the journey, gently poking fun of these quirky cars and the drivers who drive them, along the way.

Once the Beater Buster is complete, our remaining two competitors are positioned at the Spike of Shame to await the final results. The tension mounts until the giant Claw grabs the losing car and impales it on the Spike! The remaining car is crowned the Last Car Standing! Will the driver accept the $10,000 automotive upgrade, or come back and compete for a $50,000 beater resurrection?!

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