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About Gold Rush: Season 4
For three seasons a golden pay day had evaded the GOLD RUSH gold mining teams led by Todd Hoffman, Parker Schnabel, and "Dakota" Fred Hurt. These men and their crews battled against equipment breakdowns, infighting, and rough weather - all worth it in the end, as last season's GOLD RUSH finale that the crews had finally made a mark for themselves, bringing in a combined grand total of 1,158 ounces across all claims. Todd Hoffman aimed high and fell short, but still mined 803 ounces, worth more than US$1.2 million at the time, while Parker Schnabel just managed to cover his costs for the season after mining 192 ounces, and "Dakota" Fred hit his mark with 163 ounces of gold for the season.

In the 20-episode Season 4 of GOLD RUSH, Todd Hoffman puts his life on the line - and asks his crew to do the same - braving malaria, poisonous snakes, and quicksand to set up a mining operation in a patch of hostile jungle deep in Guyana, South America. Last year their Klondike operation delivered a million dollar-season, but the jungle ground promises five times as much gold... if his crew can survive. Jack Hoffman, Dave Turin, Jim Thurber, and a handful of greenhorns risk everything to search for the ultimate payday, but they're forced to fight the jungle every step of the way.
Parker Schnabel takes the biggest decision of his life. Only 18 years old, and having made only a two-ounce profit last year, he's putting his US$160,000 college fund on the line for a shot at the big time. He leases virgin ground from Klondike legend Tony "the Viking" Beets and goes deep into debt to buy a wash plant and a dozer, in an all-out bid to beat Todd Hoffman's Season 3 million-dollar payday.

The Dakota Boys and Melody return to Alaska ready to hit the big time. Dustin risks his life heading high into the mountains to mine the legendary source of all the gold in Porcupine Creek. Down at the claim, their quest for a million-dollar payday pushes them to dig 37 metres down, beneath collapsing rock walls. After an epic three-year search, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, they finally uncover the mystery pile of nuggets at the bottom of the mine.
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