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Highway Thru Hell

By the numbers: Jamie Davis' heavy rescue fleet
2009 Kenworth T-800m 460hp Cummins engine, 18-speed transmission
Weight: 46,000lbs.
Tow Rating: 80,000lbs (10x greater than light duty tow truck)
Winch: 25,000lbs (4x greater than light duty tow truck)
Boom: Retracted 30 ton / Extended 16,000 lbs
Underlift: Retracted 35,000lbs / Extended 16,000lbs
The Wrecker (back part of truck that does the lifting) is a Century 52230 30-tonne.

Adam's truck is the HR 52. It is the workhorse-corvette of the fleet. It is the top revenue earner and is lightweight to be able to tow heavy equipment throughout North America. It has limited recovery capability because of its light weight but is quick to respond and can usually open lanes to traffic the fastest in any scenario. It is utilized by search and rescue as a safe way to anchor a wreck in order that the victim can be extricated from the vehicle. It is equipped to safely tow any vehicle that rolls on the highway.

2012 Western Star, 600hp, 18-speed transmission and a 2-speed transmission. It has a 20,000lb front axle.
Tow Rating: 80,000 lbs (10x more than light duty tow truck)
Winch 60,000 lbs
Boom: Retracted 75 ton / Extended 36,000lbs
Underlift: Retracted 45,000lbs / Extended 15,000lbs
Has a tri-drive rear axle system. Rear End equipped with lockers. Both the HR-52 and HR-150 have arctic packages, which include heaters and insulated cabs.

The Rotator HR 150 has special characteristics that are similar to a crane. The unit has advantages over a crane as it can perform lift and drag functions. It can operate in any environments such as slippery snow type of surfaces. The Riggers have ice cleats for anchoring on slippery surfaces. It can also work on steep hills where cranes cannot, as they need to be level. It has helped in a variety of jobs: persons trapped in motor vehicle accidents or semi-accidents, confined space rescues, train derailments, air craft accidents and other scenarios requiring precision heavy lift. The HR 150 is sent out to all semi accidents along with the R-120.

Jamie considers the HR150 and the R-120 his Heavy Rescue Task Force. Together they can deal with any emergency the highways offer. Rotators are currently in use with Los Angeles City Fire Department, LA County Fire and other big city departments.

1985 E 1 Federal Rescue Truck
Seats 6 in the cab and 5 in the rear. Special equipment on board:
Small Boat for Water Recovery
Chainsaw, chop saw, hand tools
Trimax Compressed Air Fire Foam System
Spill Equipment: Including fuel evacuation kit
Tire Jack and Tire Removal tools for Big Rigs
Microwave, Coffee Pot and food for long jobs
Air Condition for the Box

2007 Western Star Century 5230 Tow Truck
Designed for towing when scale weight is an issue.
30-ton recovery boom
25,000lb winch
113" underlift reach

Medium Duty:
#64 - 2009 Peterbilt Century 3212 Tow Truck

Lighter Duty:
#44 - 1985 Chevrolet 1 ton - 440 Holmes Wrecker
# 47 - 1979 GMC 500 Holmes Wrecker
# 50 - 1992 Peterbilt 750 Holmes Wrecker

Flat Deck:
#53 - 2009 Hino Flat Deck
#54 - 2011 Freightliner Flat Deck

Crew Vehicles:
#103 - Traffic Control 2002 GMC Yukon Traffic Control Vehicle

E121 1989 Ford F800 Pumper Fire Truck

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