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Q&A with Adam Growe
We're turning the tables on Cash Cab host, Adam Growe and asking him the questions! Get to know your favourite taxi driver.

1. You grew up in Vancouver, what are your top three hangout spots in the city?
Growing up I loved Jericho Beach, the UBC Endowment Lands and hanging out in the Kitsilano neighbourhood.

2. Where do you *have* to eat, every time you visit?
Solly's for their Cinnamon Buns and the latest Sushi spot my family is frequenting.

3. What's your most memorable Cash Cab moment to date?
It's all the times when contestants are so thrilled to be in the Cash Cab and fans are so excited to see it on the street that they say stuff like, "You just made my year!" I love that!

4. Do you always have cash on you? How much money is on you right now?
I am occasionally cashless, since my wife sometimes liquidates the contents of my wallet instead of going to the bank herself. As I write this, I have $180 and change. (I got out of the house early today).

5. Is there a right way to hail a cab? Give us your technique.
In Toronto, stand at the curb and wave. In Vancouver, call a dispatcher. In Calgary, good luck. In Halifax, leave some extra time to spend with the cabbie -- they're hilarious!

6. Could you take Alex Trebek on a trivia quiz showdown?
I'd have better luck in the cage with George St-Pierre.

7.What's one game show you'd like to make a guest appearance on as a host?
The Price is Right! C'mon down!

>8. Which game show would you want to participate as a contestant?
The Marriage Ref.

9. You've been known to be an instigator of a few laughs, who's your favourite comedian?
I have to name at least two: Billy Crystal and Louis C.K.

10.If you could be a cab driver anywhere else in the world, which city would it be?
Kaanapali, Maui (which is not really a city, but an area)

Fan Questions

"Are you friends with Ben Bailey?"
I've never met Ben, but I think he's awesome!

"Do players have to pay their cab fare?"
Players do not have to pay their fare. But, while some are surprised when I turn on the meter, the vast majority don't give it a second thought.

"How come no one seems to ever tip Adam?" Would you like to comment on that one Adam?
A few contestants have offered or joked about tipping me. I don't take it personally, because I figure they have been so dazzled by my driving and hosting skills, it slipped their minds.
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