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The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination
Witness the end of Camelot as never before in an encore presentation - THE LOST JFK TAPES: THE ASSASSINATION.

Rarely seen, real-time news footage and radio reports of Kennedy's assassination revealed in new two-hour special

We thought we had seen every frame of footage available from the fateful weekend that American President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963. But we were wrong. Discovery Channel presents THE LOST JFK TAPES: THE ASSASSINATION, an unprecedented two-hour special that details the events of Kennedy's assassination through the lens of the news reports of the day. For nearly 45 years, hundreds of hours of news footage and radio reports have quietly languished in Dallas and Fort Worth - first kept under wraps by the local news stations who owned them, then in the vault of a museum dedicated to preserving the history of the day Kennedy was cut down. Now, for the first time, THE LOST JFK TAPES: THE ASSASSINATION lets the unvarnished images of those four momentous days unfold in real time.

This footage was shot by three local television stations, and by Dallas residents who witnessed the motorcade firsthand. Though some of their images appeared in national broadcasts, much of what these crews filmed was never seen outside of the Dallas TV and radio markets. Now, that footage has been digitally captured, saved from outmoded videotape and electronic
ally fine-tuned.

This is not a highlights reel. Instead, crews shooting that weekend let their cameras run, shooting hours upon hours of footage in every location. The visual quality of the footage is remarkably clear and well-preserved. Watching THE LOST JFK TAPES: THE ASSASSINATION viewers experience the events of that tragic weekend just as those who were watching at home did in November 1963.

Footage highlights from THE LOST JFK TAPES: THE ASSASSINATION include:
- Local coverage of Kennedy's arrival at Dallas Love Field.
- Aftermath of the assassination at Dealey Plaza.
- The chaos at Parkland hospital.
- The arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald.
- The infamous Midnight Press Conference - where Jack Ruby, Oswald's eventual killer - can be seen hovering in the back of the room.
- The shooting of Oswald by Ruby in the basement of police headquarters.
- Oswald's arrival and death at Parkland Hospital.
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