Highway Thru Hell

Tuesday 10ET


Born and bred into the towing business, Jamie Davis is the owner of Jamie Davis Motor Truck, a company he started in Hope, more than ten years ago.  With Jamie’s new back-to-basics business strategy, he’s finally getting out from behind the manager’s desk and back behind the wheel where he’s happiest. But with his return to the road comes serious risk on many fronts.  Jamie lives with his wife Sherry and their four children in Hope, BC.


After three seasons chasing opportunities in Alberta’s oil country, Scott Bird is back, this time as Jamie’s lead operator in BC. Scott has a well-earned reputation as one of the best heavy recovery operators around, but he’s equally well known for his strong personality. With a colourful cast of characters to lead this season, his patience will be put to the test.


Last season, Colin Mclean had to prove to Jamie that he was skilled enough to run the flagship rotator and respected enough to lead the Alberta team.  This season, Colin faces a whole new set of challenges leading to a fork in the road.  It forces a gut-wrenching decision that will impact him personally and professionally.


Love for the mountains around Hope, BC has brought Ken Monkhouse back into the Jamie Davis fold after working in the Fraser Valley last year.  Ken has long had dreams of becoming a heavy recovery operator but this season’s extreme conditions on the Coq soon begin to take a physical and emotional toll.  Ken is left looking for perspective and finds it in an unexpected place.


Jamie calls Jonny Tipton his “Winter Warrior” for good reason. Over the past three years Jonny has spent most of his time in Northern Alberta battling extreme recoveries in brutal conditions. But this season Jonny will be tested in new, unexpected ways when he is deployed to the Coq and discovers the realities there can be even more punishing than what he’s used to.


Mike Reynolds is Jamie’s new mechanic but he has dreams that go beyond repairing trucks.  Mike aspires to run a heavy wrecker. His background gives him a unique approach, but learning heavy recovery in the BC mountains is trial by fire like no other.


Last year, a near death experience left Robert reeling, but he found the courage to immediately step back into his flagging job to keep his crew safe. This year, as Robert begins to move into a recovery role, his partner Lorretta is filling his boots on the flagging front.  But danger is never far away on the Coq and Lorretta is soon face-to-face with a threat to her own life.


Gord Lundin is a long-time veteran of the Jamie Davis team and plays a vital role on several of this year’s biggest recoveries.  Gord is a jack-of-all-trades, but his work ethic, strength and experience make him an exceptional swamper when it comes to the toughest mountain wrecks.  Gord is also skilled in extreme weather recoveries from his time in Northern Alberta where temperatures often dip below -40C.


Al earned the nickname “King of the Coq” by rescuing thousands of drivers on the Coquihalla Highway.  But this season, Al sets out to expand his recovery “kingdom”. The result is several epic recoveries in extreme environments.  Even Jamie is impressed, marvelling that Al is one of the few heavy recovery operators in the world who can pull off the near impossible.


Gord has been Al Quiring’s rugged, right-hand man for seven years. Over that time, he’s built a reputation as a no-nonsense, highly skilled operator.  But this season we get a revealing look behind his rough, tough exterior. It turns out, for a long time, Gord has been dealing with ghosts from his distant past, and now he’s confronting them in a way that may help others.


Cary is Al’s oldest son and the fourth generation in the legendary Quiring family business.  In past years, Cary has been learning to operate bigger and more powerful trucks. This season, he’s on his own for the first time in a heavy wrecker.  But Cary will have to prove himself if he ever wants to inherit the crown from his dad, “King of the Coq” … and this year it’s a rocky road ahead for Cary.


Jason Davis is Jamie’s younger brother and owner of Aggressive Towing with a large fleet of powerful wreckers based in the Fraser Valley.   This year, with Jamie’s less is more strategy, Jason’s heavy iron is waiting in reserve if needed.   But for Jamie, that’s the last resort.



Chris Mervyn is Jason’s lead heavy driver.  He comes across as relaxed, but don’t let that chilled-out vibe fool you.  Merv is smart, tough and fearless, and he’s never walked away defeated from a recovery… so far.


Jordie Duperon lives and breathes towing. It has been in his family for more than 60 years. This season, the family business suffers a terrible blow, but Jordie is undeterred and sets out to lead his team to even greater heights. 


After years towing in the city, Jordie’s brother, Nik, has returned to help the family business after it suffered a severe setback. Nik is tough, independent and smart, just like his brother.  The question is, has Nik lost his edge after his time away from extreme recovery?


Neill started heavy towing when he was 19, working in Manitoba in -40°c weather.  Since then he’s also run ice roads, doing long haul from Alaska to Florida.  Neill says he’s only been on vacation once in 34 years but considers himself lucky to have traveled all over the continent while making a buck. Five years ago, Jordie at Mission Towing convinced Neill to come on board.  In his downtime, Neill works on customizing the 35-ton wrecker he calls his “toy”.


Richard supervises the VSA Highway Maintenance team that services much of the Coquihalla. Over his career, Richard has put years in behind the wheel of every piece of equipment in the VSA arsenal.  It has left him uniquely qualified to command an army fighting back winter.