Premieres Oct. 18 10ET


Mysterious, untamed, and wild like the land itself, Declan Harp has an infamous reputation as a ruthless trader, widely known throughout the Frontier as the unhinged and violent head of the Black Wolf Company. Harp and his highly skilled outfit have gained a lot of ground in the fur trade in a surprisingly short time, and a legitimate threat to the other companies. A clever negotiator who’s managed some seemingly impossible peace agreements between increasingly tense factions, it’s up for debate what Harp’s true intentions are. Driven by a powerful desire for revenge on Lord Benton for something that transpired between them in their dark, shared past, Harp is determined to single-handedly topple the balance of power for the Hudson’s Bay Company. With the loyal company of Sokanon, Samoset, and Dimanche behind him, Harp continues to pursue his target, recruiting young Michael Smyth along the way.


No one is more surprised than Michael to find he’s an accidental stowaway aboard a ship en route to the New World. Once there, the only thing that keeps this clever Irish kid alive is his whip-fast ability to think on his feet and talk his way out – or in the case of Lord Benton, into something. Bargaining for his life and the freedom of his love, Clenna, back in London, Michael agrees to become a spy in the 
dangerous revenge game between Lord Benton and Harp, engaging in a delicate balancing act of betrayals, with two very violent men on either side. People would be wrong to underestimate his innocent, wide-eyed exterior though; Michael is tenacious, strong, and stubborn. His empathy still intact for now, he clings to his humanity more than most in this harsh place, and this naiveté threatens his life. He begins to quickly adapt to this thrilling new life in the New World, and it’s not long before he realizes the potential wealth and prosperity that awaits on the other side – if he can survive the brutal game of wealth and power long enough to see it.


A former military man with an enormous capacity for violence and cruelty, Lord Benton forayed his formidable talents into a career as a high-ranking officer of the HBC. Born into privilege, he lives very well in this fortified corner of the Bay, continuing to enjoy his upper-class lifestyle while the people under his purview live and die in the muddy wild. Even though he’s in the Frontier, he feels a man of his rank and station should have all the trappings of good society. A steepening decline in profits brings 
incredible pressure on Lord Benton from his bosses at the HBC, making his need to destroy the smaller companies – and especially Harp – even more urgent. He views Harp as a disloyal traitor and the number one threat to his position and the Company. Lord Benton strategizes to get to Harp, using Michael Smyth as a means to that end. Cunning and calculating and clinging to their broken past, what will Lord Benton do when he finally comes face to face with his enemy?


An extraordinarily skilled warrior, hunter, and tracker, Sokanon is a critical member of Harp’s inner circle of close confidantes. Suffering from her own tragic losses, the pain and fury she’s lived drives her to mete out justice against the English, hoping it will quell the ghosts of the past. Her ghosts are inextricably tangled up in Harp’s past with Lord Benton, however, and it will become clear to Sokanon that Harp’s need for bloody revenge will ultimately trump her need for balance. This fundamental, philosophical 
difference threatens her deeply close bond with Harp and what they each want to accomplish, and her unquestionable loyalty to Harp and the Black Wolf Company begins to falter.


It’s indeed a man’s world, but Scottish spitfire Grace Emberly is determined to carve out from it her own destiny. Smart, savvy, and quick-witted, Emberly is a force to be reckoned with, gives as good as she gets, and has the respect of her patrons. Owner of the local ale house catering to the trappers and soldiers in the bustling Bay area, she’s making steady money slinging booze – and even better money slinging information. She knows just about everything that’s going on with all of the key players in the 
Bay, and uses this critical leverage in her relationships for either financial gain or personal protection. Information is power, and Grace is a powerful lady due to her large network of spies and informants. But she’ll also have to keep a keen eye on those same people, or she’ll find herself exposed. 


Well-spoken and nicely dressed, Douglas is the brains and straight-up savvy business side of the Low River Company, one of the many independent operators out of Montréal that are undermining the monopoly of the Hudson’s Bay Company. Douglas is the most political of his explosive Scottish clan of brothers, and is the point man for the more “civilized” part of the trade. After a cascade of unforeseen 
events compromises the financial health and future of his LRC, Douglas has no choice but to seek out the help of Samuel Grant – a choice he might come to regret once he truly gets a taste of what it really means to be a stepping stone in the outlier American’s merciless empire building.