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Atlantis Rising

Discovery Teams Up With Emmy® Award-Winner Simcha Jacobovici and Oscar®-Winning Filmmaker James Cameron to Solve the Mystery of the Legendary Lost City in Original Documentary ATLANTIS RISING, March 12

Award-winning Israeli-Canadian director, producer, and investigative journalist Simcha Jacobovici along with Oscar®-winning Canadian filmmaker and deep sea explorer James Cameron join forces with Discovery to solve the mystery of the lost city of Atlantis in the new original Canadian documentary ATLANTIS RISING, premiering March 12 at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT on Discovery.

Searching for answers about one of the world’s most impactful literary mysteries that has captured imaginations for millennia, the one-hour special asks: where was the port city located that Greek philosopher Plato wrote about in 4th century BC? Was there really an advanced civilization there? Who were the true Atlanteans? And what disaster wiped them from the face of the earth?
Simcha Jacobovici and James Cameron map out their search for Atlantis
“We set out to archeologically investigate the most interesting theories that argue that there is some kind of history behind the myth of Atlantis,” said Cameron. “Finding the historical and archeological truth behind the Atlantis myth has always been a fascination of mine.”
In a follow-up to Discovery’s hit 2011 film FINDING ATLANTIS, the new special takes viewers on a journey of exploration to ancient sites across the Mediterranean. Scouring land and sea in search of clues, the investigation discovers new evidence suggesting the legend of Atlantis is much more than an ancient myth.

“We went back to this source and used the way Plato describes Atlantis as a treasure map, comparing the city’s features with existing places,” said Jacobovici. “In looking for artifacts that would have survived the ravages of time underwater for thousands of years, we used technology that has never before been available. What our team of scientists and marine archaeologists found did not disappoint!”
This epic search across the Mediterranean moves from the islands of Santorini, Malta, and Sardinia to the plains in Southern Spain and the Azores of Portugal, comparing theories based on literature.
ATLANTIS RISING is shot in stunning 4K UHD on land and in 6K resolution underwater, often using an advanced camera movement system for a steadicam effect. The combination of the camera movement system, underwater footage, and aerial drone photography results in a breathtaking and unique viewing experience.

“Discovery’s audience is intrigued by mystery and loves adventure, and there is no shortage of either in Atlantis Rising,” said Ken MacDonald, General Manager and Vice-President, Discovery Networks. “This special takes viewers on a compelling cinematic journey of brand new discoveries from dedicated investigators, bringing us one step closer to solving this iconic mystery.”

Already a multiple Emmy Award-winning investigative filmmaker, Jacobovici will be honoured in days ahead of Discovery’s premiere of ATLANTIS RISING by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. The Canadian Screen Awards’ Gordon Sinclair Award for Broadcast Journalism recognizes an exceptional body of work in Canadian television journalism, or for significant contribution to the international profile of Canadian television journalism.