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Our Time Is Now

Every once in a while, there is scientific evidence that is so powerful and so shocking that it’s like a gut punch. That’s how I felt when I read the results of the latest report by WWF Canada on the state of our nation’s wildlife. (http://www.wwf.ca/newsroom/reports/lprc.cfm?_ga=2.146897271.199970163.1505423640-270778713.1505423640)

This country is known for its tremendous natural beauty: For the jaw-dropping beluga migrations, for the thundering caribou, for the 400 year old sharks that call Canada home. But the animals in our country are disappearing; their numbers are plummeting — and it’s happening fast.

The report looked at over 900 vertebrate species and found that half of them are in steep decline. Of that half specifically - and this is what had me speechless for half the evening - the population numbers have dropped by a staggering 83%.

As Canadians, we need to act and act NOW to protect our nation’s animals. No more simple retweets, no dawdling, no waiting around for someone else to do the heavy lifting. Each and every one of us has to get involved because what we are facing right now is nothing short of an emergency.
Life on Earth is on the line.

The single best way you can help right now is to physically get involved. Below, I’ve listed citizen science projects so that you can work to help monitor and restore vital habitats. You can also contact me directly @ziyatong on Twitter and I will do what I can to help get you the information you need.

Every generation has faced a big fight, a seeming impossible challenge to overcome.
Every generation before us has succeeded.

Our time is now.
To get involved – here is a list of projects happening across our country:
BRITISH COLUMBIA - https://wildsafebc.com/work/
ONTARIO - https://www.ontarionature.org/index.php
QUEBEC - http://www.fondationdelafaune.qc.ca/en/initiatives/
ALBERTA - http://www.aiwc.ca/
NOVA SCOTIA - https://www.hopeforwildlife.net/
SASKATCHEWAN - https://swf.sk.ca/
NEWFOUNDLAND - http://cpawsnl.org/campaigns/new-marine-protected-area-in-newfoundland-will-be-open-to-oil-and-gas-

(CURRENT RESEARCH PROJECT: http://www.thetelegram.com/news/local/2017/6/8/marine-institute-launches-cleanup-across-newfoundland-and-labrad.html)
MANITOBA - http://cpawsmb.org/
NEW BRUNSWICK - http://www.nbwtf.ca/about-us/introduction/
PEI - http://www.peiwcf.ca/