spider-(1).jpgMost of us try to avoid brown recluse spiders, given their potent venom, but a team of scientists recently dared to study the arachnids up close and were amazed by what they saw: spiders in deep concentration crafting an industrial strength material for their webs with a sewing-like motion.

If the spider's unique silk and technique are applied to synthetic materials, the researchers believe that the results could benefit space travel, lead to better parachutes, allow for more impressive Hollywood movie stunts and more. The findings are published in the journal Materials Horizons.
indianrocket.jpgThe Indian Space Research Organisation, ISRO, is preparing for its first launch of the year Tuesday night with a whopping 104 satellites packed aboard its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

Liftoff of the PSLV, which has racked up an impressive string of 34 successful launches in 18 years, is scheduled for 10:28 p.m. EST Tuesday (0328 GMT Wednesday) from India's Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota.

ink.jpgAn MIT spinoff company in India is proposing a novel solution to air pollution problems in Asia — turning vehicle exhaust into ink.

It involves attaching a device, called a Kaalink, to the business end of a standard automobile exhaust pipe. The Kaalink filters and captures unburned carbon emitted by incomplete engine combustion. The technical details of the process are secret, but officials at Gravinky Labs, a spinoff company from MIT Media Lab, said the process is largely mechanical and relatively straightforward.