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Jungle Gold

About Jungle Gold
Determined gold miners from around the world seek their fortunes in the dangerous and gold-rich jungles of Ghana, Africa's second largest gold-producing country. The new 16-part series JUNGLE GOLD follows American prospectors George Wright and Scott Lomu, two hard working men who risk it all to strike it rich as part of a golden plan to recover the real estate crash of 2008 which cost them everything they had.

Former real estate high-rollers Wright and Lomu regularly turned over million-dollar deals. Their families reaped the rewards of their hard work as both men enjoyed the American dream. But after missing the warning signs of a real estate market about to crash and burn, both men lost everything. In desperate economic straits, Lomu planned to move his family into his father's basement as Wright worked to postpone the foreclosure on his own home. With their futures on the line, they made a bold decision to risk it all to mine for gold in the West African jungles of Ghana, a region with vast reserves of gold-rich ground that could ensure even these rookies with aging machinery could strike it rich.

With little money and everything on the line, they beg and borrow anything t
hey can to succeed. After securing a US$150,000 loan from an investor, the pressure is on from the very start to find gold to pay back this debt, as well as others that exceed one million dollars. But mining for jungle gold is the easy part for Wright and Lomu. Armed neighbours, kilometres of broken roads, roadblocks manned by Ghanaian gangs, and shady and ruthless gold buyers are among the daily hurdles they must face and overcome to succeed in their plan to safely escape Ghana with enough gold to secure their families' futures.

United by their will to survive and provide for their families, every moment is spent with passports in pocket in a dangerous world where one wrong move could result in a race to get out of the country alive. Against stacked odds, their stakes have never been higher.
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