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The Mythbusters Schedule in Canada
Why So Different From The USA?
One of the most common questions we hear from you at Discovery Interactive is about Mythbusters. Specifically, you wonder why we don't air the show at the same time as they do on Discovery Channel USA.

Trust us, we hear you. And believe us, we love Mythbusters as much as you do.

First, the good news: we air pretty much every episode that's shown on our sister channel. However, we don't organize these episodes into seasons. Because of issues such as rights clearances, budgets, and Canadian content rules, we don't always air new episodes right away. In order to en
sure that we get to show you as many new episodes of Mythbusters as we can, sometimes we need to shuffle the schedule around.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter @discoverycanada to get the latest news, and of course, visit our Mythbusters page for info on upcoming episodes.

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