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Canada's Worst Handyman

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Do you think you can fare better in the world of home repair than those tool-challenged folks on Canada's Worst Handyman?

Here's your chance to test your skills, and of course, your hand-eye coordination.

Dabble with a nailgun or a chainsaw, or try your hand at wiring a simple socket.

The Nailgun Challenge
Using the nailgun, drive nails into the x marks on the floor. Use your mouse to move the nailgun and left mouse button to fire nails. Are you on target?
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The Chainsaw Challenge
Use the chainsaw and follow the pencil lines to cut a door out of the wall. It's not as easy as it looks!
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The Wiring Challenge
Simply grab a wire from the socket and pull it to the correct corresponding wire on the light fixture. Be careful!
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